Friday, 24 December 2010

For Andy Miller. RIP


Today ought to have been Andy's birthday.

RIP you silly old footballer.

Thursday, 23 December 2010

Arrest for theft at CIC Forces Shop

POLICE have raided a war heroes' shop and arrested a Blackpool councillor on suspicion of theft.

Coun Julian Mineur was last night quizzed by detectives after they swooped on the Supporting Our Brave shop on Bank Hey Street.

The Gazette revealed earlier this month police and Trading Standards officers had been called in to investigate allegations of fraud at the shop which was set up to offer help and advice to Armed Forces veterans.
Six police officers raided the shop – formerly known as Shop For Heroes – at around 11.30am yesterday.
They searched the premises and Coun Mineur, the shop's manager and Conservative representative for the Greenlands ward, was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning.
A Lancashire Police spokesman said: "I can confirm a 56-year-old Blackpool man has been arrested on suspicion of fraud by misrepresentation. He has also been arrested on suspicion of theft and will be questioned by detectives."
Officers were seen at computer terminals and searching the rear of the shop which is used for administration and welfare work.
Coun Mineur has now been bailed by police until March 16, pending further inquiries.

This situation gives no pleasure. All the warnings and pleas from those who have worked tirelessly for Veterans have been continuously ignored. The Charities Commission has proven to be a wet sock, completely incapable of fulfilling its remit and like the Banking overseers should be abolished immediately. Even Guido Fawkes has his rants over the Charities Commission and I agree with him whole heartedly.

There are defenders of the LESLC on Philtheone and I would have loved to go into details, but now the problem will be that time will make people forget.

Last week I sent an open email to the papers and some councillors including Ron Bell, JP. I have received no reply to a simple request to see minutes of meetings. This is what happened to the Mayor of Rhyl when he was investigating events surrounding Blackpool RMA.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Blackpool RMA resignation letter

Below is the resignation letter sent by the former Mayor of Rhyl to his Association, The Blackpool,Fylde and Wyre Royal Marine Association.

NB, the Secretary of the Association did everything possible to obstruct independent scrutiny of the Minutes and other records relating to the running of that organisation.

Is this what we are seeing again with the same personnel but on a larger stage?

19 March 2006

Mark Smith

Chairman - Blackpool, Fylde & Wyre RMA.

Dear Mark,

I would like to submit this letter as my resignation from Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre RMA. I have been uncomfortable with the way Blackpool is being run for a -long, long time and in particular what I see as a cabal created between yourself, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

I am not writing this letter in confidence and therefore it can be shared with the Board or whoever else you wish to share it with. The only copy of this letter will be sent to Stephen Flanagan as I believe he has been a victim of the way the senior officers in Blackpool operate.

I would inform you that your medal application is already lodged within the RMA and I have expedited it through as quickly as possible. You would pardon me if I now point out to you that on request for information from me, you expected me to drive 700 miles to view documentation and yet you use electronic means of copying documentation and sending it to me when you need something. This is a tactic that you have also used with Flanagan when he has requested information and I also note that Mr Staniforth has written to you showing discontent and you have allegedly completely ignored him.

My differences with the three of you go back a long way. You have appointed yourselves to senior positions in both the Northern RMA and the Royal Marines Association itself. During the time when I attended Blackpool regularly, and Board meetings, I never once knew of any election to appoint you to senior positions.

In fact I was invited onto Northern Board by Ron Bell without election.

I was further disgusted by the Secretary's discussion of the personal details of the Chief Executive of the RMA's interview and in doing so l find he demeaned the Chief Executive and his position.

I also note that the Secretary cancelled the old time drill squad at both branch and Northern Region level even though branch had voted for this to happen and the drill squad had as many as nine members who had volunteered to it, the chance of a hall to practice in and uniforms on standby to be manufactured (25 of) at a cost of £1500. Then of course it wouldn't have done to have Alan Logan forming a drill squad and taking any kind of kudos from that. I was appalled to find that later on Blackpool paid £1500 for 3 uniforms and resurrected the project. I can understand ambition but this smacks of naked ambition and it shows.

I was further dismayed at the Walcheren night ball to find that the only table that had not got names of guests on belonged to "Mr Bell's party" and I understand why Flanagan was so angry that night when people sat at the table he was allocated, which might have been in Cleveleys for all the care that was admonished on him.

He was certainly put at the far side of the room.

I have now watched Blackpool run for almost 2 years without proper Board meetings. I have received minutes that say the RMA will not be discussed in the bar which apparently came from an address that the Chairman gave in a meeting. In other more senior RMA's, for example Exmouth and Exeter, he would have been laughed out of the room.

I also note that you have denied me paperwork from grant applications that you made on behalf of other RMA's which I presume are Northern RMA's and BLESMA. I will not travel 700 miles to see it and although Flanagan may waive his rights in front of you, it is actually a right that I should have sight of this application if I wish to.

Another huge complaint that I would lay before you is the fact that, when Flanagan's "hearing" was determined, that information was in Head Office the very next day and yet months after I have emailed you for information you have refused to provide it, hiding behind the scenario that documentation can only be viewed at the Secretary's home. You've got to be absolutely joking.

I have further watched at the last election (as you have now unaccountably changed the rules and appointed yourselves to a 2 year term) where the Secretary almost fell off his chair to find that the Chairman was not on the nominations and immediately extended the deadline for nominations thereby rigging the election. That was the point when I gave up on Blackpool.

I know you will probably point out that Blackpool members are extremely happy, they probably are and therefore the 3 of you would undoubtedly win another election, and if I'd have not been a slightly more prominent figure than Flanagan within the Royal Marines Association, I think you would have axed me from Blackpool as well.

Another point I would make is that the three of you jointly answered emails to me when I expressed my concern. Surely this should have been the full Board not just the cabal of the 3 of you. I found those emails threatening. They indicated that I was the third member who would have been thrown out within 2 years.

That would have been quite a record for a young RMA like Blackpool.

I will have one last word on the outing of Flanagan. If you'd have kept Flanagan within the organization, as I suggested and tried by email and phone to make you realize the problems you have caused for the future, you would have probably had a quieter 60ft anniversary at Lympstone in September.

Moreover, one of your own Board members also pointed out to me that, at a social function in Lympstone, you reserved seating areas 'for senior officers of the Blackpool Board and their wives’ and this was reported by another Board member to me. Believe me in talking to various RMAs throughout the country the views about Blackpool come up quite often.

Finally there is the scenario that I was asked by your Secretary to stand for office at Liverpool RMA where I was also a member and to take over the Liverpool RMA and lead them into an amalgamation with Merseyside RMA and then bring them back into Northern Board. This shows absolute arrogant stupidity. If I had have taken up that challenge and either of the branches had found out I would have been physically assaulted by the members. Liverpool RMA does not want to be in Northern Region and you can now see why.

Ambition, ignorance and crass stupidity abound within your cabal. I happen to think far from being wonderful members of the RMA you are actually full of manipulative ambition which I personally cannot see doing the RMA any favour’s.

Yours sincerely

FESLC Meeting

The meeting of the 'executive' of the Fylde Ex-Service liaison committee took place on Monday night. Notareargunner can announce that the meeting was not called through the normal channels, the Secretary was not informed of which three plus associations required the "special meeting", the Secretary was not allowed to takes minutes and was instructed not to talk to anyone about the Meeting. I wonder what other instructions were made behind fortress closed doors?

Does attempting to subvert justice come to mind? The Gestapo ran their country like this and it appears the Joseph Goebbels has re-emerged to take charge of his troops.

I am happy to hear the Financial Secretary has said everything is correct and above board. I would prefer to read it on minutes of the meeting and signed by those representing me as a member of the Royal British Legion. Now publish all minutes of all meetings for the past six years and le us judge, as sponsors of the FESLC for ourselves. Or have the the national secrets been spirited to vaults in distant Plymouth for safe keeping?

Just as an aside, in an article published in newspapers on the 15th December it was stated that certain organisations were charities. Mrs Mullin asked for a retraction and to date has not even received an acknowledgement. From Notareargunner to this fine lady, get well soon.

For those who do not understand angst, let me explain as simplistically as I can. The Officers of the FESLC are supposed to represent me, as a paid up member of an organisation that supports this body. As such I am entitled to read all and every minute associated with this body. When a "special meeting" is called in writing by three organisations which are members of this body an itinerary is supposed to be made available for those who can attend to discuss beforehand.

It is apparent that not one of the rules has been adhered to.

Now I seem to have come across this all before. I wonder where? And I wonder who with?

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Hulton Colliery disaster

When the officials of this district decided to commemorate this tragedy, they ignored many of the families with relatives still in the region.

Two, former Royal Marine Dennis Shambley and his sister, had to go to extremes to make sure they could attend as their grandfather was a victim. The organisers had ignored them although they have never moved from the Westhoughton region.

When Dennis, a BNP activist, is subjected to abuse mainly from immigrant supporters, his historic inheritance is thrown out of the window. This is just a part of what creates in each of us our beliefs.

When Lancashire has no more Lancastrians, the Controllers will be happy.

Amplify’d from

Pretoria Pit mining disaster remembered 100 years on

Almost 900 men and boys went to work at the Pretoria Pit on 21 December 1910 - 344 never returned home.

Crowds at the pit head in the aftermath of the Pretoria Pit Disaster (picture courtesy of Bolton Museum)
The 344 victims of the explosion were aged 13 to 61

A huge explosion at the pit, officially named the Hulton Colliery, on the outskirts of Westhoughton, Bolton at 0750 GMT was the third worst in British mining history.

It had a devastating impact on the town, with almost every family knowing someone who had been affected by the blast.

The youngest victims were just 13, and the eldest 61, Pam Clarke, chairwoman of Westhoughton local history group who has researched the disaster, said.


Burqa row in Aus

Veiled truth. Thank you for cameras.

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Professional Victim

The odium of lies and stolen identity does more damage than honest felt convictions. When I first saw this piece of shit being ‘manhandled’ by robust constables there was something wrong with the picture.

What do I know about mass assembly and public disorder? I first stood on the barricades in Hong Kong in the mid 60’s, practised in Singapore, improved technique in Aden and perfected the routines on the streets of Britain – Belfast, the Shankill and the Ardoynne from September 69. So when I listen to young coppers talk about ‘The Riots’ I laff and shake my head. When I review the brutality of the establishment I do so with a passionate desire to need to know the truth. All too often the pictures do not tally with the words.

For example, when the IRA gunmen were caught by the SAS as they attempted to murder the garrison on Gibraltar, their defenders made much of the evidence that no warning was given, then it was changed to it was whispered. Any drill sergeant could have demonstrated the porosity of the attack on the SAS had the jury been taken into Horse Guards and a series of orders issued in typical military style. The human voice does not carry well and all type of factors restricts the distance. Varying altitude, shape of buildings, climate and background noise, just to mention a few. There are but a very few individuals whose voice carry. Listen to the Parade Marshals as they whisper there ways round Remembrance Sundays much to the irritation of all former Drill Pigs. Drill Instructors spend weeks and months practising carrying the voice, throwing the voice over long distances and very few ever succeed in perfecting the art. There are a very few, Sgt Major John Boulter of the Rhodesian Artillery had one of those thrilling cantors that split valleys and crossed mountains. He was unique, or so he thought, until another arrived who quietened him.

This professional spastic, Jody McIntyre, who put himself in a position that it was impossible for him to be anything but the centre of the recent ‘student riots’, a professional agitator who rants on in Nigger slang with a diatribe of hate against everything he is in reality, is but a product of the ignorance and stupidity of mass indifference and mass ignorance. Students will love him because they are young and have a generosity of spirit that the old have lost. They have also none of the doubts that age and experience fosters. Bless them. Leave them in ignorance whilst they are YOUNG, it does not last.

I drink with an Old Lag who recently had both feet amputated, but who was walking unaided within a few weeks. I used to push another who is turning into a Jody McIntyre and is a professional victim. The stage has been reached where all sympathy to the 'hired victim', the 'professional victim' has gone; the IRA are what they are irrespective of how verbose their hired mouthpieces are, and the bright young minds do not need the poison of a 'self hater' to promote their causes. Sympathy with a person's incapacity only goes so far and when they use it to gain emotional advantage for false indignation and causes, then it is rightly time to say 'idiot'.

The adoption by British youth for Caribbean culture speak is a mimicry which insults the thousands of my Black comrades murdered by Mugabe through public indifference.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Hate Crime

Public schoolgirl jailed for deadly attack on gay civil servant

A former public schoolgirl who hurled homophobic abuse at a gay civil servant before kicking and stamping on him during a deadly attack is tonight behind bars.

Rachel Burke, Joel Alexander, Ruby Thomas

Image 1 of 2

L-R Rachel Burke, Joel Alexander, Ruby Thomas Photo: PA & MARK ST GEORGE

Ruby Thomas, 18, was found guilty of the manslaughter of 62-year-old Ian Baynham, who died 18 days after the drink-fuelled assault in London's Trafalgar Square.

Police later found his blood smeared on her handbag and the ballet pumps she was wearing as she kicked him.

The court heard she smiled as she ''put the boot into'' Mr Baynham after he was knocked to the ground by another teenager, Joel Alexander.

Thomas's ex-boyfriend told the Old Bailey that the blonde teenager, of Anerley, south east London, was ''not the type of girl'' to have done it.

But jurors did not agree and convicted her of manslaughter, along with Alexander, 20, of Thornton Heath, south east London.

A third defendant, 18-year-old Rachael Burke, of Upper Norwood, south east London, was found guilty of affray at an earlier trial.

All three will be sentenced on January 26. Thomas and Alexander were remanded in custody after Judge Richard Hawkins refused to continue their bail applications by their barristers.

A woman in the public gallery blew a kiss to Thomas as she was taken down to the cells.

The teenager had earlier appeared distraught and put her head in her hands as jurors returned their unanimous verdicts.

Thomas, a former pupil at the £12,000-a-year Sydenham High School for Girls, had a previous record for violence.

She was just 15 when she assaulted a bus driver in Northumberland Avenue in December 2007, a short walk from where the attack on Mr Baynham took place.

Thomas was living with her mother, a legal secretary, at the time of the attack.

Her father, Richard, was convicted of manslaughter for stabbing a taxi driver in Brixton, south London, in 2003 and was sentenced to two years imprisonment.

On that night in September last year she was said to have been "off her face", acting in a "lairy, mouthy" way, and flirting with random men.

The court heard that Thomas screamed "f****** faggots" at the victim and his friend Philip Brown.

When Mr Baynham confronted her, there was a scuffle during which she hit him with her handbag and he grabbed it.

Alexander then ran up and knocked him to the ground, causing a severe brain injury as his head struck the pavement.

Brian Altman QC, prosecuting, said: "That did not suffice. There is evidence that the female defendants then began putting the boot into Mr Baynham, who was still prone on his back, clearly unconscious and in distress."

He said the girls were "fuelled by copious amounts of alcohol" and one witness likened the attack to a scene from the film A Clockwork Orange.

"Shocked onlookers saw repeated stamping to his chest and forceful kicks to his head," said Mr Altman.

I have copied the article from the Telegraph because it sickened me. I am not homophobic even though all my working life has been in an industry that does not openly permit homosexuals. To be honest, no-one gave a damn. As long as you could do the job you were in.

What gets me with this story is I bet the males are BLACK. Everywhere you go young British women select a black bulls and lead them round by the nose, inciting criminality and often brutality. And the law does nothing because it is racial profiling even though it is fact. It is not new, it has been getting worse for the past 50 years but no-one can talk about it, especially not victims.

How do I know? For my fifteenth birthday I was the victim of just such an attack, but fortunately I lived in a town were people looked after each other and I had a bit of a name because I was a half decent sportsman. When I was attacked by a gang of thug scousers, the promenade came to a full stop and half a dozen cabbies dived as I wrestled with my assailant. The irony of it, even though I ended up with forty plus stitches and a dozen clips in the old mush, had my later outburst been recorded I would have been charged with a hate crime even though I was the victim. Why? Because I kept repeating "you're dead, you black bastard"

In the mob we had a homosexual called Fluff. I saw Fluff put a group of Jock squaddies on their backs because they threatened a gay waiter. I bet this gang would have developed the runs had they attacked Old Fluff.

And I had a couple of NCO’s who would have been ashamed of the white trash using and abusing. They were BLACK, brilliant soldiers, murdered by Mugabe long after they had laid down their arms. To my comrades in RAR. Pamwe Chete.