Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Thatchers' girl.

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What language is acceptable at work?

Carol Thatcher

She's apologised, saying she wasn't being racist and that it was a meant as a joke. But she's still being dropped from her job on the BBC's One Show.

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The BBC has dived into the cesspit of correctness and sacked a woman for what? Comparing a tennis player to a gollywog! For several years I played rugby in a predominant Afrikaans society and I was inundated with a range of derogatory names, Saute, Engelsman, Rooineck. I loved it. It meant everyone knew who I was.

In one game at Windhoek stadium, I burst into a tirade against one of my own players, but in atrocious Afrikaans. In an instance the 7000 crowd fell silent as a mutter rippled through the spectators. Then, from the rear of this massive stand, came a solitary voice.

“Engelsman,” came the deep, guttural voice. “Your enunciation is bloody awful but the sentiment is goed.” I was looking over the head of the crowd at a man who was the image of Jan Smuts. “Perhaps by the end of the season we can teach you goed Afrikaans”

In an instant I replied, “It’ll take me longer than that to get this lot to play goed futball.” The crowd howled in laughter. Mike Godfrey, the Eastern Province star flanker whacked me round the head with the flat of his hand and I was happy it was not his fist.

On the 5live debate over Carol Thatcher’s private remarks, allegedly reported by that arch supporter of Freedoms of Speech Jo Brand – now denied - who wants excrement posted through all BNP supporters’ letter boxes – sorry, that was a joke – because they have a view alternate to her own. I note the BBC does nothing to counter the offensive diatribe directed at BNP members. On evidence they actually condone the vilification of one group of society that is getting more and more support, especially amongst the front line soldiers and police, as the humbled voice of the English gets further and further suppressed. As Nicky Campbell tried valiantly to talk an impartial voice through the marsh of insults, I had the vision of the BBC squirming in their PC offices at the few English voices permitted as language fascism overwhelmed that 95% majority.

Obama calls himself BLACK. Did he not have a white mother? Imagine the furore if he called himself almost a Honkey? Michael Jackson seems to be more isolated than ever. No-one now wants to be WHITE.

Just for information. I am not a member of the BNP or any other party. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will have picked up that I detest all politicians equally. As a student of law I made it my duty to attend as many political meetings as I could but could not gain access to either the closed shops of Labour or Conservatives. When I attended Conservative meetings I was astounded that the entire meetings were taken up with petty fund raising and non issues. Full political debate was an anathema to the geriatrics and sheep that run the local Conservative Party.