Thursday, 12 February 2009

Banned for racial incitement

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'Ban Koran' Dutch MP

refused entry

A far-right Dutch politician has been refused entry to the UK after landing at Heathrow Airport.

Geert Wilders had been due to show his 17-minute film Fitna, which calls the Koran a "fascist book", in the House of Lords.

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How can this man be charged with incitement for simply seeking the truth?
Do not the sentiments of the New Brunswick housewife resonate through this once great nation? No. The lilly livered political elite are showing their true colours. Did not labour take us into a universal war against international terrorism, tied the hands of our soldiers behind their backs, blindfolded the intelligence people and armed them with nothing more than Bibles and shrouds.
Three thousand men women and children were burned to death on 9/11. Was that a great act of mass suicide or mass murder by Muslim fanatics? Answers please on an email to Jaqui Smith if she can get away from fiddling her expense claims or puffing on a weeds.
You who voted this evil wind are now reaping your evil whirlwind. Contrary to what that sycophant Foreign Minister Miliband may say, Geert Wilders does not seem to be contravening British law, but it is the government and all their Jackals which are definitely bringing our institutions into disrepute. Voltaire will be in despair and all the legal theologians laughing at the demise of this now intellectually bankrupt nation, importing 8th Century attitudes and never challenging the veracity of the bigotry. If politician want to allow the unfettered importation of ignorance, subservience and another generation of their supporter, then they must accept that others with wills and minds of their own had a duty and obligation to oppose their mischievous evil.
Until you have seen them all stay stum. Find this pieces on of Wilders' on
Fitna is easily viewable on
It is up to each individual to make their own mind up. Enough of this corrupt and cowardly Labour administration