Monday, 2 February 2009

Blackpool Teachers Message.

Fury at Blackpool teachers'

away day conference

BLACKPOOL'S education chiefs came under fire today for agreeing to splash out up to £40,000 on a two-day stay at a luxury Lakeland hotel.
But rather than choose one of their hometown's own large hotels – many struggling to beat the recession – Blackpool headteachers have opted for the sumptuous Lakeside Hotel at Newby Bridge on the banks of Windermere.
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If the message has not already reached the Council, let me put it in English. Your town is a dump thanks to consecutive councils. Don't believe me? Walk down Bolton Street, Bond Street, Little Beirut, around the Claremont Road district, or just go hunting for a decent dress shop, a class restaurant or a promenade that is not ankle deep in doggy parcels.