Thursday, 5 February 2009

Ghost train or gravy train

Council losing thousands

on ghost train ride

Carnesky's Ghost Train at the Winter Gardens
Coun Wynne said: "I was astounded when I found out how much it had cost the council. I think it's astonishing. It might be a great ride, but unfortunately not enough people have been to see it.
"There needs to be some serious investigations being carried out as to why the authority was allowed to spend this sort of money."
"Someone should ask as to how the council was able to spend that amount of cash on something which has failed to generate any real money for the town."

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Ghost train, easy money, unaccounted hand-outs, unaccountable councillors, pink rags over the Town Hall, ex servicemen living on the street while non-contributory lesbians play the system for all its worth. Molyneux Drive has a mixture of decent retirees, alcoholics who brag they have spent a lifetime playing the system and stroll their dogs whilst former soldiers don't claim their legal entitlements and scrat for their next meal.
Who voted these people into the Council? AND WHY?