Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Taliban associate and his RIGHTS.

I have cut this passage from the Channel 4 Snowman blog with direct question to the MP who represent veterans in the House, Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden. It reads... 'TORTURE' AND RENDITION
We are also trying to get a clear line out of the foreign office on their apparent determination to suppress the documents that reveal the detail of the torture to which Binyam Mohamed (a British resident in Guantanamo) has allegedly been subjected, and the extent of British knowledge or complicity. Binyam’s military lawyer, Lt Col Yvonne Bradley, will be live on the programme.
1 Binyam Mohamed probably violated the terms of his residency by going to Afghanistan to visit and mix with the Taliban irrespective of his motive. This ought to make his residential credentials null and void. If a private legal firm wants to take this case then all the financial implications should fall on them and their backers and not the tax payer - thousand of whom are being stalked by the same Taliban in the same, said Afghanistan.
2 On the same subject as above. How can anyone justify victims of attempted murder - our soldiers, sailors and aircrews - paying the perpetrators, foreign nationals, for a legal defence when the perpetrators entire actions are an insult to human decency? It is like asking the Jews to finance Nazi defence at Nuremberg.
If this man is getting legal aid from our Exchequer, then legal aid should be extended to every every scroat with a British passport.