Saturday, 1 August 2015

How to overcome being an illegal

 Anton Lubowski, murdered for his support of Swapo in 1989
It was in the home of the late advocate Anton Lubowski that I had an interesting conversation with a former Swapo leader and his wife.  Both were Black and both were medical doctors.   The initial topic was not political but ethnic. It was late 1981 and Anton’s house guests were the first Swapo supporters to abandon exile and return to Namibia (South West Africa).  The subject of our early conversation had been a recent case of a 17 year old tribal girl being given a fertility drug to assist with her aspirations to have a family.  She, the 17 year old, subsequently had a multiple birth of five babies, all of which survived.

It was the erudite female doctor who tried to make me understand the logic of giving a 17 year old healthy young woman such medication.  Needless to say there was not a meeting of minds.  Consequently, it was a later statement that really sticks in my mind and makes me wary of the experts I had been listening to on this week's Any Question – the subject is the perennial of people in exile and especially asylum seekers.  At that table were two experts on the subject.

The conversation that I recall went something like this. “We try hard to get our young fighters into England.  Once there we drill into them that they must get an English girlfriend and make her pregnant.  Once this is achieved the English never remove our fighters, no matter how badly they behave.”

Fired with more than a touch of incredulity, I asked how they were so certain that ploy would come to fruition?  

The simplicity of the reply angered me. “Just keep telling the girl you love them and you want to have babies with them!”  From what I have witnessed since then, this easy access to British protection has been successfully achieved by every level of despot and terrorist since immigration was diluted by Labour in the late 40’s.

So when I listen to experts telling me that I have to dig deeper to pay for the education for a single illegal immigrant albeit under 18 years of age or not – as age cannot be verified as they destroy their own documents - my response is despised as uncharitable; and/or have to look the other way when British young adults cannot get access to the homes that will be built for these people and not them, I reserve my right to protest.

The tide of inhumanity that is swarming over Europe from countries beset with internal strife has to be addressed and we must learn from history.  No matter how horrific the present situation is, a close scrutiny of European history will be seen to be as violent as today’s evil regimes.  We Europeans found a solution through the power of force and the imposition of The Rule of Law.   

When these twisted and blind Liberal do-gooders get their heads from the cleavage of the low paid prostitute, and start breathing the stagnant air of reality instead of the plumes of intoxicating coke via a folded fiver, their position(sic) should become more grotesque even to themselves.  It took generations of conflict and conflagration before we reached a high moral ground, so sadly being destroyed by Labour Marxist thugs with the coercion of the Liberal minded elite.  

 Lord Sewer is but a sad reminder of the degeneration of the Great and the Good and puts into perspective the level of political corruption across the whole spectrum.  The virus of PC forced upon us by the immoral classes in Westminster will, unless we reverse the disease, create the environment for a return to 16th Century strife within these once hallowed islands.  This cabal would rather have terrorist like McGuiness and Adams in power than confront the inevitability of the complete breakdown of Society as we have come to know it.

The hordes of immigrants forcing their way across Europe have nothing in common with Europeans.  It is difficult enough for ethnic Europeans to live in harmony, but the toxic imposition of an alien/religious/ethnic/cultural group cannot do anything but provide the embers for terrible troubles in the very near future.  Our systems and way of life had to be fought for and the Battle continues today.  If you don't understand that, take off the blindfold and visit Belfast, Preston, Bradford and dozens of other town and cities living under an illusion!