Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Independant review into drug abuse and other maladies in getting back to work

Independentreview into the impact on employment outcomes of drug or alcohol addiction
, and obesity: call for evidence

The government has commissioned Professor Dame Carol Black 
to undertake an independent review into how best to support
 benefit claimants with potentially treatable conditions, such as
 obesity or addictions to drugs and alcohol, back into work.
The review will consider the evidence and provide the government with a thorough analysis of the options available to support more people suffering from long-term 
treatable conditions back into work.
This call for evidence will be one of several methods used to 
gather information. Evidence submitted will be used to inform a 
final independent report for the government.

Independent review: terms of reference

The purpose of the review is to consider how best to support those 
suffering from long-term yet treatable conditions back into work or to 
remain in work.
The review will primarily consider individuals with the following long-term 
yet treatable conditions: obesity, alcohol addiction and drug addiction. It
will consider the holistic needs of these individuals including the effects of 
multiple health conditions and other barriers to work.
The review aims to:

Establish the role which such treatable conditions play in causing 
worklessness and estimate the associated cost to the Exchequer and the

Understand the characteristics (including overlapping conditions and 
other disadvantages) of individuals and the pathways they take through 
the healthcare and welfare systems and the roles played by providers and 
employers in these pathways
Consider also the group(s) most at risk of becoming workless through 
treatable conditions in future and the support available to them, including
incentives on employers