Wednesday, 29 July 2015

I am not a subscriber but do not mind showing British Injustice at work

I am so, so sorry for having to bring this issue up again, but I have no choice.
As you know, at the end of last month deputy leader Jayda Fransen and I were dragged into the High Court in a blatant attempt to stop us leading our protest in Luton.
This was an outrageous abuse of police powers and demonstrated just how desperate the authorities are to stop Britain First.
Thankfully, the judge didn't entertain the police request to bar us from Luton.
Unfortunately, because of the way these things work, he did grant several other clauses of the injunction on a temporary basis.
He did this mainly because the legal paperwork was served on Jayda and I at a very late stage, only several days before the protest was due to take place.
Thanks to this deliberate tactic employed by the police, which was designed to prevent us from having time to launch an appeal if the judge banned us from Luton, our legal team had no time whatsoever to mount a full defence of all the clauses in the injunction.
Because of this, the judge decided against clause "A" which would have prohibited us from entering Luton, but granted all the other clauses.
The hearing was adjourned and now we face a full hearing in the High Court to argue against the clauses the judge granted on a temporary basis.
The clauses that were granted temporarily are as follows (we have underlined crucial parts):
b) Entering any mosque or Islamic Cultural Centre or its private grounds within England and Wales without prior written invitation;
c) Publishing, distributing or displaying, or causing to be published, distributed or displayed, any words or images, whether electronically or otherwise, which having regard to all the circumstances are likely to stir up religious and/or racial hatred;
d) Using threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour thereby causing harassment alarm or distress to any person;
e) That a power of arrest be attached to these conditions.
As you can see, these conditions are pretty draconian and will cripple mine and Jayda's ability to run Britain First.
If we are not allowed to "publish, distribute or display" any words or images, how can we continue as leader and deputy leader?
If we post up an image that is critical of Islam, we will be breaking clause "C" and we will be arrested and flung in prison, so extreme are the consequences of breaking a High Court injunction.
If I am giving a speech in a town centre and a Muslim tells the police he feels "offended" by my words, I will be guilty of breaking clause "D" and will be arrested and imprisoned.
If this injunction is granted properly at the forthcoming full hearing, then breaking any of its terms will mean "Contempt of High Court" which is a serious crime and a guaranteed prison sentence for both Jayda and I.
Our legal representatives have delivered the final bill for their services at the High Court on the 26th of June and it stands in at £5,300.
As you can see, defending yourself in the High Court is very expensive and this is one of the reasons the police (using taxpayers' money of course) are doing this to us.
But let's be honest: we beat them last time and we can do it again if we all pull together, close ranks and contribute to our legal fighting fund.
Our solicitors tell us that the full hearing for this injunction is "imminent" and we must prepare ourselves.
The good news is, if we beat the police again in the High Court, it will deter other arms of the State from persecuting us legally.
The bad news is that, should we lose, we face disaster and will most probably end up paying the entire (or part) legal costs that the police have run up, such is the way the court system works ("the loser pays").
This is a defining moment for Britain First.
If we lose Steve, the consequences are extreme.
If we win, we secure our existence and we give the establishment an almighty kick up the backside.
Britain First will not be pushed around, mistreated or forced into a corner!
We are a fighting movement with backbone and courage to face all enemies.
That is what makes us so different to the "Old Gang" parties that are wrecking our beautiful country.
We must raise another £5,000 to fight our case in the High Court or we will go into it undefended and face catastrophe.
I am not prepared to let that happen and neither is Jayda.
Last time showed that if we raise the funds to pay a QC barrister we can win!
I am gutted to be sending this email once again appealing for more donations but, what choice have I got?
I can't ignore the situation any longer and as leader of the movement I must make difficult decisions and this is one of them.
This injunction will not go away - that's wishful thinking.
At any time now I will get a phone call from our solicitors and they will say that the full hearing has been called and we need approximately £5,000 to fight it.
I must admit, Jayda and I are worried sick about this happening and balk every time the phone rings.
I have checked our records for you on this appeal and here's what I found:
Target: £5,000
Raised so far: £2,022
Patriot Name:
Suggested action: Chip in £10
Please remember, if we lose this case then it will create a "precedent" that binds all future court decisions of a similar nature.
So not only will this affect Britain First, but also every group or individual in the country that wants to protest or take part in politics.
Once again, freedom and democracy are on the line.
Britain First and this impending legal battle is the new "front line" where the fate of our nation will be decided.
It has monumental consequences for our entire democracy.
Let's fight to win Steve!
We need literally every single member, activist, commanding officer and supporter to chip in with an urgent donation once again.
I know many of you receiving this dug very deep last time to fund our legal defence and for that I am eternally grateful.
I hate to ask again so soon but this is as critical and perilous as it gets.
Jayda and I have already emptied our pockets and donated considerable amounts to our legal fighting fund and we need true commitment and dedication at this time of true danger to our movement.