Tuesday, 28 July 2015

NHS free for ALL foreigners

In the Winter 2014 edition of The Salisbury Review, Myles Harris has a gentle go at the attitude surrounding the NHS and the non collection of payments The observations are well founded and the assumptions accurate. So here I add a pennyworth and damn all the liberal Pinkoes who keep raiding the purses of the old and prudent.

As there are NO intelligent statistics to base any accurate sums on, so let us assume that of the 6 million recent immigrants, only 10% have made use of the unique service. One has to take it as read because they are immigrants, unlike the indigenous people, they have contributed precisely nothing to the financial support of the Wonderfully Flawed Institute!

From the moment they walk, drive or get carried into A&E, they are creating a fiscal deficit. How can that be, I can hear you ask? Quite simply because to have a hospital in place someone has had to build it and employ all those who work there. That is to say not only you and I, but our fathers and our forefathers have generated the situation for this to happen. It has not all come out of the Genie's Lamp as successive Labour Governments want you to believe. To maintain any part of established infrastructure then needs the excesses of commerce and industry to keep and progress the services provided. For one fact is certain. Services will get more expenses the older they become, not any cheaper as the Lunatic Left would have us believe.

Stop putting money in, then the institution starts to rot.

Not collecting fees from foreigners is a sure way of accelerating the already decline of an overburdened and creaking dinosaur.

I have deliberately not tried to confuse the reader by adding to the proposition I offered on usage by misleading accountancy on how much health care costs.  A friend of mine has just returned from South Africa where he had to pay for a lot of medical treatment on top of that covered by his medical insurances. Those who want to take from the old and frail who are British, to keep an uncosted endless pit of a system, should get out into the real World.  Or do what the Champagne Socialist are not prepared to do and Fund the NHS themselves!