Sunday, 23 August 2015

Stuart Bagot RIP Blackpool Hero

For all those who think the IRA has gone away and is now a Peaceful Movement, I have only just heard of another victim although he was wounded by the IRA years ago.

Big Stuart Baggy Bagot was a Para Reg rugby playing, jovial character who suffered from wounds inflicted by an IRA IDE almost 35 years ago.  He had narrowly escaped the first attack with minor wounds, but was more seriously injured in the second ambush laid by the IRA.

For years he lived with an accumilation of injuries that would have laid waste any lesser persons.  The blast from the explosions ruined any chances he would have had of becoming a commercial diver as they severely damaged his hearing and his sinuses.  The other injuries are just too numerous to mention.

What the murderous attack never achieved was any diminuation of his Northern humour.  No longer will I get banned from a pub because Baggy was holding court at the bar and everyone was target to his wicked and near insane monologues.  All those who worked with him when he ran pubs and nightclubs around Blackpool will miss the menace of the laughing Baggy.

Our thanks and belated condolences to Cathy, back home in the States for making Baggy's latter years tolerable.  When You come back to Blackpool I will make sure you are not driving one of Baggy's vintage collection.  I'll get you his bus-pass.

Stuart Bagot died in the United States in Febrary of 2015.  Typical Red Top, he didn't let the Cabbage Head know anything until the Party was over.  One for you, tonight, Stu!!!