Sunday, 2 August 2015

Open the door to everyone and if we hate those illegals in Calais - propaganda rubbish

In the Guardian- again - there is another attack on the morals and fortitude of the indigenous people by the son of an immigrant.

All the protestations of the author are wasted as his selection of history is sadly flawed and so full of inaccuracy, it is not worth a challenge.

All I will say is that all the statistics and references are based on times and conditions that are not relevant today.  Britain is full.  You are attempting to shame us into letting more in, especially those responsible for the murders of 7/7, Drummer Lee Rigby and the 3600 know Daesh activists already infesting these once wonderful Nations!

Enough is enough.  Change your tune to reflect all the good Britain has spread around the World.  Get your selection of history correct before you sew the seeds that make more illegal immigrants more entitled to the CONDITIONS we British have fought for.

To all Guardian readers, of which I am one purely because I need to know what propaganda the enemy is putting out, get real and stop dictating to those who have lived through life!

The Guardian is a necessary disgrace because we need to have newspaper that can lie to the public so that the public can FREELY and OPENLY criticise the bias of your illogical points.