Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Tower Hamlets a blight on the Empire?

So many are disillusioned with politics, and it is no wonder why?  Tower Hamlets is a part of our capital city which is no ways reflective of this country.  It is said to be an example of a multi-national society?  If this is so I will stop here because I have lived in multi-cultural societies and they are unfit for the name society.

The Counting Halls around the country are poorly managed.  In Blackpool the Labour group uses their numbers to attempt to Bully others away from the scrutineering area.  One Liberal Democrat potential councillor was pushed away from the counting desks even though he was on walking sticks.

If you have a few minutes, please listen to this Radio broadcast and make your own mind up about what is happening within our Borders.  This may be extreme. but the accepted way to behave is being undermined by the Bully Boys of the Major Political Parties. 

Is it illegal to ask why it is in a predominantly immigrant neighbourhood?