Monday, 26 May 2014

Guido exposing Aunties underminers

Another BBC Producer Attacks UKIP (taken from an open Email from Guido Fawkes)

News Boss Relieved of Election Duties

After Guido slotted BBC News Channel’s Jasmine Lawrence for her anti-UKIP online ranting, forcing the BBC to divert the deputy editor from political duties, others have been frantically deleting tweets. BBC producer/reporter Sally Challoner chose today to delete her anti-English Democrat postings, but Radio 4′s Rosemary Baker has not been so quick. You can run, BBC Bolsheviks, but you cannot hide. 

In a bumper traffic week, the most popular story was Ed Miliband's Radio Wiltshire clusterf**k. Read about Mili-onaire Ed's cost of living crisis, watch him to the tune of Careless Whisper and see why he is the Man Who Hated Bacon. A UKIP candidate was stabbed, a Labour councillor linked the Tories to the Holocaust and the mainstream media ignored these stories on establishment party looniesUnder five hours to go til the polls close...
Now the election is over and the concerned voter has registered their disgust at the Political Elite, it is time to clean out the Beeb and for Auntie to be as brutal with their biased employees as those employees have been with the wishes and desires of their paymasters - the Licence Holder.  If the employee do not understand impartiality, proportionality or even Good Grace, then put them on the Dole.