Saturday, 24 May 2014

Angela Eagles flying off at the mouth - racist against British

Angela Eagles - on BBC Radio 4 Any Questions cannot see that the remark about Lennie Henry should go to live in a Black Country - West Midlands - as other than a tongue in cheek working mans humour indicates how far from the Working Man she orbits.

Does being born in a Country make that person a citizen of that Country?  Mind boggling hogwash!  This is the thinking that is depriving too many British Nationals of their identity.  To Angela Eagles all children of British service personnel born in oversea British Army Hospitals should retain the Nationality of the country where that hospital stands?  Political sewerage. Absolutely stupid.  Lieber to a TEE.

Angela Eagles who talks rubbish on Any Questions.

This is typical of the thoughtless and insensitive agenda recognised by a Party that cannot see EVIL even when it is spelt out to them in hundred foot lettering.  From a Party that heralds Tony Blair as a National Asset, can one expect anything less?