Tuesday, 6 May 2014

An act of senseless vandalism

A youff, dressed in a bark blue hoodie, was seen by neighbours, to be precise, witnessed to deliberately throw this full house brick through the closed side window of a private vehicle.

This criminal damage was perpetrated in full daylight with complete disregard for the facts that the site was visited by several tradesmen and the perpetrator was seen doing this senseless act.  One has to wonder if this is the same mindless moron that has destroyed the local bus shelters so that the old and infrm cannot shelter as they wait for a bus.  To commit this deed of valour, the perpetrator had to enter private property, carry the weapon onto the site and then select his target.

This means more taxes for the innocent to pay as the perps will, if ever found, be comforted for an awful childhood.

I have a message for this vermin, blame your own family and do not take your inadequacies out on others.