Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Not "On the Buses" with Reg Blarney

Another piece of Lieber propaganda that ought to bite them in the buttocks - except with all this  political and homophobic correctness that could possibly get me arrested for incitement!

Here we have Liebers gobpiece for the bus service proudly showing off, what?  Two pretty young ladies? Hmm? I doubt that!  A hand protruding from his flies? Now what's all that about?  Some geezer in a whistle and flute wondering which way to turn.

Blackpool buses are generally serviced by decent, hard working people.  There is at least one cross dresser and if you've ever been on his/her bus, you can't come across a more courteous and helpful employee.  Some drivers smile, others do not, but that is their prerogative.  Dealing with all the holesinthebacksides that they do, day in and night out, it is impossible to maintain a false rictus indefinitely.
Oh, what was I saying?  Yes!  Mr Lieber's representative, the thing with the big placard, who drives the enormous gaz guzzler and who probably has never been a passenger on a BUZ..  When you had your little newsagent on Highfield Road you were a decent purveyor or reading material to the general public.  Now you are rude, aggressive politician who has metamorphosed into a collector of pocketloads of rate payers dwindling wagepackets, for doing a duty that others would willingly do for nothing, and probably better.

What are you trying to sell to us now?  Stop selling and start doing.  Get the service up to scratch and if you want a tip on how to improve the system, put yourself in a wheelchair, not for just a journey, but for a week and see how poor the service is for some of the most needy in our community.