Monday, 26 May 2014

Has Nick been on a binge...

If a picture paints a thousand words?  Not a melodic ballad but a droning dirge at the possible death of mediocrity and voyeurism.  Hoorah!!  Perhaps a few years at a pit face would have enabled Sad Nick to prepare himself for the disenchantment of his fellow citizens.  Surely those closest to him should have warned him that eventually he would have to pay for his actions, but worse his not listening to the moderate voice of reason from without his inner echelon.

That is a warning to all politicians who take for granted the best wishes and hopes of the people they supposedly represents. It is a complete waste of time talking to the public.  Just for a while, the politicians ought to shut up and listen.  Have any of them actually been on the streets and said, "Tell me what we are doing and how it is affecting you?"

The average person hasn't the slightest idea; hence the reason that only about 30% got out to vote. 
Whoever motivates the most amongst the 70% of the apathetic will win the next election.
That is why me and many of my fellow compatriots feel great angst for the future of Blackpool.

Political correctness is the death of civil liberty, good manners and old fashioned British decency.  People are expressing their contempt for the PC brigade by voting Ukip.  It must be up to the hierarchy of this movement to fulfill the desires of the people by