Thursday, 7 November 2013

Open Door- anyone can sue, except real victims

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed

Mohammed Ahmed Mohamed, the terror suspect who escaped surveillance wearing a burqa, it is revealed is seeking damages from the government in a human rights legal challenge involving allegations of torture, it has been revealed at the high court.
Mohamed, who was the subject of a terrorism prevention and investigation measure (Tpim), managed to disappear by disguising himself as a woman. No he did not!  He hid under a burqa.  Even Lily Savage didn’t hide behind a Black Shroud and call it female.
The 27-year-old was last seen fleeing a London mosque in the burqa last Friday. He is understood to have received training and fought overseas for al-Shabaab, the Somalia-based cell of the militant Islamist group al-Qaida that is said to be responsible for the Westgate atrocity in Nairobi. Their claim, supported by a plethora of anti-British Lawyers, is against the Foreign Office, Home Office, Ministry of Defence and the attorney general. The claim is they were tortured and mistreated during their detention in Somalia and claim the government is liable to pay them damages under the 1998 Human Rights Act for complicity in their alleged ill-treatment.  Not a bad line against a Government who can’t pay its veteran’s pensions!  He and another man, referred to as CF, allege the British authorities consented to or acquiesced in their detention by the Somaliland authorities on 14 January 2011.
The alleged terrorists say British "officers and agents … by their acts and omissions, procured, induced, encouraged or directly caused, or were otherwise complicit in" their detention, assault and mistreatment and torture while they were in Somaliland.  We can say the same against the Police and MI5/6 as they stood aside as alleged demented followers of Mohammed decapitated a Lancastrian bandsman on the streets of London, but we all know how absurd that charge is?
So what have we learned?  Not only is this wonderful British citizen a former resident at some terrorist training establishment, but had been arrested in a foreign country and subjected to interrogation!  He entered the UK without documentation and was permitted by the lunatics-in-charge to go about his peaceful business.
Not as million years ago the very same Government removed the British passports from White Africans because they had the audacity to call themselves Rhodesians, defied and attempted to repulse the inevitability of African catastrophe in a country they had made beautiful.  My, that is almost racist even if true.  The same British Government said nothing as the New Zimbabwe government disarmed the Whites and systematically murdered tens of thousands in a process of Africanisation, a process that has spread to neighbouring South Africa with the horrendous killing being perpetrated there.  The murder of Whites was bad enough, but Mugabe went to Hitler/Stalin/Moaist extremes and murdered tens of thousand Black Africans.
There is enough here for me to reiterate my opposition to the Lib/Lab/Con trick of open doors to anyone with a gripe against civilisation.  Just because one former Somali emigrant can run fast and is a decent human being, that does not mean we have to forget all those who murder our policewomen and commit other heinous crimes within our borders, because our system is terrified of being labelled RACIST.