Thursday, 14 November 2013

Labour progresses Blackpool into the Dark Ages

Town hall bosses today laid bare the full devastating cost of Blackpool’s brutal cuts crisis, which will see 700 council posts axed over the next two years and savings of £36m by 2016.
Almost £16m must be slashed from the 2014/15 budget alone, followed by around £20m the following year.
Around 250 jobs will be lost every year under the savage measures, while 100 contracts will also not be renewed each year.

What this lamentable article fails to mention, even once, is that Blackpool has another failing Labour administration, failing more substantially than ever before.  I can imagine that not one of the councillors read the latest advice from the TaxPayers Alliance I will go further and suggest that no Labour Councillor will read anything other than mandates and dictats from senior Labour officials.  Those very same Ministers and such who have failed on every count from child protection, producing reliable evidence to prevent unnecessary conflict I.E. Afghanistan, to balancing the books.  Their adherence to Marx is so misguided especially when the real books they ought to have studied were those of the Marx Brothers.  As an introduction I suggest a thorough two minutes to read Groucho Marx’s reply to the Warner Brothers.
What makes matters worse is that the public has a right to expect that elected councillors will hold and control unelected officers, who supposedly work for us, the people, to account.  They do not because they cannot formulate the questions that matter.  Really hard questions like…Where is the money?...  What do you mean, you don’t know Councillor ********* is a paedophile? (shock, horror).  How much of my expenses can I place in my Council Pension Pot?   

Silly me!  That’s the only question allegedly, ever asked by the “Noblese Oblege”.

So, Labour!  Where are the Conference centres, the sports facilities, the Olympic size swimming pools and the arenas to follow up on a legacy and tradition of supplying the masses with cheap, first -class and world renowned venues?  At the Derby Baths!?!?  Hmm.  I rest my case in Central Station's left luggage.
PS.  It is rumoured that someone called Casey Jones has had to cancel the Connonball Express into South because the electrified lines are too modern.  Anyone with an Old Beeching Pill?  Winter isn't just coming!  Under Labour it has arrived early.