Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Blackpool MP tries to give aid to the criminal and illegal

Gordon Marsden (Blackpool South, Labour)
To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department how many deployments of UK Border Force personnel were made to arrivals in the UK via (a) General Aviation (private airfields) and (b) General Maritime (private marinas) that were categorised as high risk in 2012-13, in accordance with the compliance obligations summarised in the National Audit Office document, The Border Force: Securing the Border, published in August 2013.
Photo of Mark Harper
Mark Harper (Forest of Dean, Conservative)
holding answer 12 November 2013
To release the information requested, which is operationally sensitive, would be contrary to the interests of national security.

What a load of tosh and a complete (again) waste of Parliamentary time and tax payers money .  Whilst the Brighton Belle was happy residing in his home Parish, his Government allowed a known three million immigrants into this overcrowded realm - all Labour suppporters.  They were given rights often refused to British people in need, 

1     the sick - never allow Labour to whitewash over the NHS and Mid Staffs with their lies and bent on facts; the intimidation of real nurses and doctors who cared for their patients as a real vocation.
2     the homeless - with immigrants, irrespective of what officials say, given priority over indigenous people for the few habitable places not sold by Maggie.  It is inconceivable that 3 million immigrants can enter a country with sufficient funds to purchase their own (our) properties.  It is so laughable that only a Labour supporter could support such a lie.

Labours Bankers, to include one Methodist "pervert" Minister who had private meetings with the leader of the Labour Party, said by others to be a purveyor of rent-boys and easy money - the Co-op investors and later US private funding -  as he surrepticiously shows contempt for honesty by secreting the evidence up his nose whilst holding a chit for £3.9 million from a Party that ruined the economy of the Nation?  Don't politicians learn anything from recent history?  I know one of my councillors has nothing but contempt for that subject as he stated to me recently.  All that needs to be said about history is Jimmy Sa Vile, Screwgirls Hall, Gary Glittersless!

Do I need to go on about what is wrong with Marsden and his awful party?