Friday, 8 November 2013

How to spot a lie.

1 A Politician? The mouth moves.
2 Today on 5live someone phoned and and this is the STORY(?).

We were stationed in Germany and my father, a Marine was doing a tour in N. Irelend.  On the very same day he had witnessed his best friend killed, he came home and I pushed all the wrong buttons and he smacked me and sent me to bed.  Later, full of tears and crying his heart out on the foot of my bed, he cried and cried not because of what he had seen in Ireland, but because he had smacked me...

If you're going to lie, do your homework.  How do I know this is a lie?  Ask any Bootneck and if they can't see the flaw then too were never a Royal Marine!

It is the same with statistics.  Only last night on Question Time they rolled out the myth of two million Brits working on the Continent.  All this to destroy the argument of massive immigration that is never discussed, only shouted over.

A Massive Lie.  Yes there may be two million Brits living abroad, but a massively high percentage are those in retirement who have chosen to follow the sun for their last years.  The rest are working in the holiday industry because the British tourist wants English speaking people around them to make them feel at home.  If they want to feel at home why don't they holiday at home?  Because they want to get premature cancer and die before their pensions run out?

There are those - sad minor politicians - who would try to stop pensioners spending their pensions as they - pensioners - wished.  These are basically socialists.  The sad brigade who want to control everything because they never achieved anything in their own sad lives.  Control freaks?  Just look at the Labour Party and the sad people who vote for them for no other reason than their illiterate fathers voted for them.

So much for wasting billions of pounds stirling on education!