Sunday, 3 November 2013

From Belgium to Blackpool, maybe

It is Sunday, a Holy day for Christians, so we had best not mention the Christians being murdered in Indonesia, Egypt, Nigeria and many, many Muslim countries.

I am not a Christian but was brought up with Christian values.  Having lived and once learned a language where Islam was the predominant religion, what I see in  Europe fills me with dread. The do-gooders stand on the throats of fellow dissenters and fill our airwaves through the BBC with malicious and hatefilled propaganda.  For just raising these concerns I am opening myself for prosecution under some insidious law that denies Freedom of Speech and expression. If the police can't investigate Corporate Murder and can bring down a senior political figure for spurious reasons, then what chance does a disabled former regular have? :)

All I can say is look what this evil false religion has done to the daughter of a former soldier, Samantha Lewthwaite, as she stood by whilst her sick, sad , evil husband left her for a Heaven filled with Virgins, taking 27 innocent travellers with him?  Listen Love, if a pretty British girl couldn't humanise your sick lover/husband, perhaps you ought to have introduced your Jihadi warrior to the Met Fire Arms teams?  All you had to do was make a secret call and tell the Fuzz you've got the low down on  a Brazilian Nut!