Saturday, 31 August 2013

Ukip delegate for the Blackpool Highfield Ward

Long time caseworker for Service Charity Stephen Flanigan has decided enough is enough and will stand for the UK Independence Party against the established parties.

Stephen Flanigan, former Devonshire Road then Tyldesley Secondary Modern school pupil has spent most of his adult life working overseas in countries as far away as Borneo, Rhodesia, Spain, Germany, Australia and all parts of Southern Africa.  He worked in a myriad of jobs from senior diving instructor to running the security of a country's essential electricity supply, then in the midst of a bush war.  

Here is one episode from his long and diverse life that needs to be published.  It has been suppressed for fear of embarrassment to some, but as we enter an epoch where enlightenment means openness and matters like the horrendous Sir Jimmy Savile debacle need no longer cloud issues that ought to be acted against, you may get an insight into the man who is definitely not a Party apparatchik.

The Himba, a magnificent and handsome race who live along the Cunene River  (Portuguese spelling) or Kunene River (Namibian spelling) on the Namibian/Angolan border were being decimated by the ancient disease of syphilis. 

Himba girls

The casual attitude to and naivety towards sex amongst these primitive people was sickeningly exploited by the purveyors of abuse now prevalent across the World today, the Stuart Halls and Jimmy Savile's of the time.  With the help of the South African Defence Force's medical doctors and nurses, there was put in place a two year screening and inoculation process that, at that time, eradicated the disease from the tribes. 

 Cunene River

Angolan/Namibian border

Forming a strong bond, Steve employed all the males to act as scouts and lookouts against Swapo insurgents into what was then South West Africa.  Providing good medical facilities and ensuring plentiful supplies of maize and other essential foods - in a country ravaged by drought - meant that Steve could securely supply the much needed electricity from the Ruacana hydro plant to the capital city of Windhoek and the growing enclave at Katutura and even further afield to the Diamond Regions south of Luderitz.

This one incident of time shows Stephen’s ability to co-ordinate across a wide section of services, also his caring side whilst defending with arms the security of an emerging nation.  It also indicates that along with his recent record as a caseworker, for individuals in need in the Fylde area, his history makes his candidature a welcome addition as against the usual mundane and inexperienced Party yes men forced on us.

There will be more as we get closer to this election.