Monday, 12 August 2013

The Fracking Issue

Dear Member,

Can you chip in just £3 to help fund the campaign to stop fracking? Click here to donate:

Exploratory drilling has started in the woodlands and fields of Balcombe, West Sussex. [1] But it’s not just Balcombe that’s in danger of fracking. Soon this risky method of extracting oil and gas underground could be coming to your area, unless we act fast. [2]

George Osborne, who’s responsible for pushing fracking through, would like to think that this is all sewn up. [3] It’s not.
We’re going to fight fracking and win, but it’s local opposition that will be key - not Westminster politicking. Local councils have the power to give planning permission. And it’s local protest that will create the barrier to companies on the ground. [4] But to be effective, groups need resources, and this includes money.

38 Degrees members across the country have pledged to chip in to back the campaign to stop fracking. Tens of thousands of us are ready to swing into action - so now we need the donations. That money
will help unlock crucial local fights and victories. From grants for grassroots campaigns to important training and other tools local campaigners need to fight a coordinated campaign.

Can you chip in? Please click the secure link to donate £3 now:

Here’s what £50,000 would pay for:

£30,000 of local grants - this could fund practical things like hiring a room to have a meeting, printing costs, or portaloos and cooking equipment for local protest sites. [5]

£10,000 worth of training - on how to organise effectively, work together as a team, plan a strategic campaign or speak to the media with confidence.

£10,000 towards building online tools - to make it easy to email the right county councillor or to build an effective online campaigning presence.

The 38 Degrees office team have been in touch with local groups who’re already taking action across the country. Here’s what Graham from Ribble Estuary Against Fracking said:

“We’re up against a multi-million pound company and we’ve only got a few quid. These local grants would be really helpful and would go a long way. £1000 could pay for hall hire, leaflets and car stickers to help mobilise our local community.”

Can you donate £3 now?

38 Degrees members have a long track record of coming together across the country to give the people powered push needed to win local fights. In the last month, we won a 38 Degrees member-funded legal battle against Jeremy Hunt and scuppered his plans to close key services at Lewisham Hospital. We don’t all live in Lewisham, but it’s because people from across the country got involved that we were able to defeat the health secretary’s plans. Now, we can mobilise against fracking in the same way.

Click the secure link to donate what you can now:

Thanks for all you do,

Becky, Rebecca, Andrew and the 38 Degrees team

PS: If you're interested in fighting fracking on the ground or are part of a local group, please get in touch by emailing:

The above letter is being circulated by 38 degrees email.  I have posted it in full because I disagree 100% with their conclusions.  As long as day follows night, we will have fracking and what we have to do is ensure that all safety features are put in place before half brained Labour gets into Office and makes a fuck up of everything, as they have done with the economy, pensions, industry, defence, immigration et al...

Let us have the debate before the Luddites and thieves get together and make sound  judgment impossible.