Friday, 2 August 2013

Letter from Ukip's Paul Nuttall

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EMRO For Blackpool Will Cost Jobs

Dear Editor,
The last time I checked, Blackpool was a tourist town which besides attracting many families for a visit to the iconic Tower, the three piers and, of course, the Pleasure Beach amusement park, is also a thriving centre for nightlife with party goers from across the North West visiting the vibrant bar scene.
It has taken many painful years for the town to adjust from the sharp decline of long stay visitor numbers with many families choosing to holiday in the warmer climates of Spain, Greece and Turkey. However, Blackpool has managed to turn itself around and maintains its place as the prime seaside resort for the north of England.
Why is it then that Blackpool Council feels the need to play Russian roulette with the fortunes of the town by proposing an Early Morning Restriction Order (EMRO), a move that would see a ban on all alcohol sales after 3am? This will kill off the rather lucrative stag and hen market for the town making places such as Magaluf, Kavos and the like even more attractive for a weekend visit.
This will put many jobs in the pub and club industry in serious jeopardy and will do nothing to stop the scourge of problem drinkers in the early hours. More pubs will be at risk of closure, forcing more drinkers into off-licences and supermarkets and we will see an increase in the number of people drinking on the streets, whilst the remaining clubs will struggle to compete as they rely on being able to stay open late into the morning.
This proposal is badly thought out and must be scrapped for the sake of our night time economy.
Yours faithfully,
Paul Nuttall