Saturday, 30 April 2011

Arsenal on their knees

Cesc Fabregas is under pressure and frustrated, says Arsene Wenger in response to outspoken interview

 Cesc Fabregas is under pressure and frustrated, says Arsene Wenger  in response to outspoken interview
Cesc Fabregas under pressure as he realises Ian Paisley Snr is not in the stand and will have to rely on the intervention of a paedophile protector in Rome for his salvation.

Perhaps he should buddy up with John Terry (not the Chocolate King) and they can share their colleagues children's mothers. If not there's always a hooker with Wayne (Sorry Fans) Rooney. Leicester Tigers had one in mind but he was just an average cross dresser and his Line UP work was bent.
Perhaps a few tips from master charmer Peter (Heads in the Clouds) Crouch as Master Puller Dwight Yorkiebar has forsaken silicon mountains and is experimenting Down Under.

Gloves off in Blackpool election run-up

In the interests of fairness and honesty I have published Councillor's Ian Fowler's reply(above) to Mr David Palmer who is circulating leaflets (published previously) highlighting events whilst this administration has been in office; a leaflet I will gladly assist in distribution if Mr Palmer so wishes.
For those outside the Borough, Blackpool has ground to a standstill as one of only two arterial routes has been closed to the public, that is the Promenade. Most other traffic has to snail it's way along Whitegate Drive and the road cannot carry the weight or volume of modern traffic.
In the interim, it looks to the public as though Councillors are administering the Borough with scant regard for public observation or participation. Houses seem to be sold with consummate ease in a market of recession, bought through the Council at Tax Payer expense. This is causing concern, to which Councillors seem to be closing ranks and denying Joe Public scrutiny.
This is not a Party issue as many of the horrendous decisions were passed by previous Labour Administrations and we all know how labour has destroyed public and private finance. No more Boom and Bust is now permanent BUST.
The great sadness is that if the electorate remove this awful administration they will elect through apathy an even worse set of bigots and incompetents than they have removed. Just look at the last General Election and all the HooHaa over MP's expenses. What has Westminster done since? Correct. Reinforced their own over-privileged rights at the expense of the Tax Payer. This is what is going to happen in Blackpool in a few days time.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Philtheone under attack for honesty


Lieber do not have the courage to knock at my door and debate. The Conservatives have been talking for me and never too me AND NEVER LISTENING, even though they have sanctioned lots of work on my doorstep and we will again be highly inconvenienced . Aghh sh*t, I've finally become a NIMBY. Neither Party has delivered political propaganda to my door since I started to practise that right reserved to each and every one of us to challenge the veracity of the message with the messengers. If they can deliver their views to me, then they can take mine to their masters, verbatim please. Ten years of seldom having letters or emails replied to by OUR PUBLIC SERVANTS dictates that we have to rely on the internet do get the corpses of the political parties to act in a decent and reasonable manner. Let's not forget that they get overly well remunerated for their inexpert time.

This will be the second recent intrusion into my privacy and family life and had they spent a few minutes and talked to me and my immediate neighbours there was a simple and obvious solution, BUT COUNCILLORS/COUNCILS DON'T DO SIMPLE AND OBVIOUS CONCLUSIONS.

Having shopped in South Shore for sixty years I will say to Councillor Fowler, "your tenure has been a disaster". Either you are part of the problem for the poor state of what was once a wonderful shopping experience, or your incompetence reflects the bazaar mentality your navy days probably instilled.
I hope Phil has the courage to tell the Councillors to go and do sexual acts with themselves. I will repeat this missive on my blog so the rampant lawyers can have a go at me also.

Blackpool's second administration

Philtheone exposes the costs shame of Blackpool's inexcusable administrations - there are two with the official and ReBlackpool being paid for the same task - in a simply explained article. The shame being that the political figures can't do the same. Trawling through the mire of the official Blackpool web is like cutting your throat with a nail file. All this information ought to be simply accessed, like looking at the expenses claimed by councillors who are supposed to work for the benefit of the town.


At least the death tolls have rung for some, and good riddance. The shame is that others have moved aside and insult the town by standing under another rosette.
It is time that national politics was taken completely away from local affairs and the party system relegated to the history with its insidious abuses to which it has become blatant.

McVities workers insult the British

If any workers made a complaint to management and the management acquiesced and complied with their nonsense, then every one of them should be shown the gate.

McVities will no longer be fed to my birds in my garden. If I don't buy their produce, no jobs for the manufacturers. Suppose it's back to Wagonwheels! The Glasgow biscuit bigots have gone for a Burton.

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Royal wedding: Big day cake makers McVitie's ban Union flag from Glasgow factory over 'football and sectarian' links

BOSSES at royal wedding cake makers McVitie's have banned their Scots staff from putting up a union Flag to celebrate the marriage.

They said the flag was not acceptable because of "direct connotations with football and sectarianism".

Staff at the McVitie's factory in Glasgow put up a British flag yesterday as they decorated their works canteen for the big day on Friday.

But management ordered it taken down after other employees complained that it was "offensive" and a threat to their "dignity at work".

McVitie's are making one of the two cakes for Prince William and Kate Middleton's big day.

And a source at the plant in Glasgow's Tollcross told the Record: "You really couldn't make this up - the royal baker banning the Union Jack.

"It's a symbol of national pride. Everyone is flying the flag and putting up Union Jack bunting for Friday.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Rochdale mired by election rigging allegations

Rochdale, an ancient Lancashire town with a strong history of democratic advancement, appears to be heading back to the age of the feudalism as the stories now abound of Mafia style interference with electoral rights.
The fact that just about anyone can vote in local elections is an absurdity to begin with; the lists of those eligible is so long it is easier to quantify those not allowed to vote, and that seems to be the Brits.
It was laudable of the BBC to run the story, but terrible journalistic cowardice not to have Lieber exposed on the web. (Since publication the BBC has rectified their sloth and the article is linked)
The shame is that the locals appear not to have the courage to give evidence against the criminal political elements attempting to usurp RIGHTS. These are the same heroic people who left their own countries where British youth is trying to give their families some sort of future. It isn't worth OUR youth.

Islamic extremists London spoonfed

There are many sides to this story. In the UK the state has set in place a method of determining whether veterans are entitled to benefits earned in service to their country, whilst terrorists are mollycoddled by a system that appears to give them tacit support.

To Blair, Brown, Cameron and Miliband, it is our kith and kin that is being maimed and killed in YOUR wars abroad.

The most pressing war, that against the alienation of this once great nation, you ignore. All the time there are radical elements training and advancing their capabilities whilst our defences are becoming less capable and sanitised.

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WikiLeaks: Guantánamo Bay terrorists radicalised in London to attack Western targets

Abu Qatada and Abu Hamza, two preachers who lived off state benefits after
claiming asylum, are identified by the American authorities as the key
recruiters responsible for sending dozens of extremists from throughout the
world to Pakistan and Afghanistan via London mosques.

The leaked documents, written by senior US military commanders at Guantánamo
Bay, illustrate how, for two decades, Britain effectively became a crucible
of terrorism, with dozens of extremists, home-grown and from abroad,
radicalised here.

Finsbury Park mosque, in north London, is described as a “haven” for
extremists. United States intelligence officials concluded the mosque served
as “an attack planning and propaganda production base”.

The files will raise questions over why the Government and security services
failed to take action sooner to tackle the capital’s reputation as a staging
post for terrorism, which became so established that the city was termed

The documents show that at least 35 detainees at Guantánamo had passed through
Britain before being sent to fight against Allied forces in Afghanistan. This is thought to be more than from any other Western nation.


Friday, 22 April 2011

Leaflet attacks sitting Councillors

The Lunatic Season of worthless elections is about to happen. With only a tiny proportion of the electorate even bothered to vote, the instant reaction of the VICTORS will be to declare a victory for democracy. The only true democracy is within the anonymous leaflet which hopefully will end the careers of all present political figures within the ruling elite of Blackpool.

One blog Phil the One has covered this subject and is well worth a few minutes to peruse.

I can only reiterate what the authors of this honest epistle wish, that the subjects of this leaflet are made to account for their posturing and questionable stances whilst holding office within the town. I also fear that electorate disapproval will be seen as a vindication for that evil and sick group called the Labour Party.
Blackpool needs and deserves a council which will work for the future of the town and not a self indulgent group of people who appear to have benefited to quite a financial degree.
At the last election I voted for a complete outsider even though I am a lifetime Conservative. Why can't I say "None of the above" on my ballot paper to register my disgust at the candidates? Is that because
probably that sentiment will be echoed by a majority in the ballot booth?

Someone has the nerve to challenge the Councillors, and they don't like it. Well done and do you want a donation towards your expenses?

Twitter can destroy your future

What looks like a small comment, banter betwixt friends, has resulted with one young person, especially at a time of massive youth unemployability, in being placed in the Dole Queue.

What we can't give the young is the invulnerability of sage (yes I added the s) and poverty - the latter they will have to earn for themselves.

With enormous feet that Max obviously has, perhaps he would be better suited as a mine detector in Afghanistan instead of a trainee BBC comic. I wish you well, young person and I am certain your remarks were purely in bad taste. We are all guilty of that at some time, some more than others.

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Second footballer sacked over Neil Lennon Twitter comment

Second footballer sacked over Neil Lennon Twitter comment

Max McKee, a Clyde FC U-19 player, was suspended earlier on Thursday over a comment made on his Twitter page. A message stated: "Somebody needs to hurry up and shoot Neil Lennon #JustSaying."

Neil Watt, a director at the club, told STV News discussions would be held with the player on Thursday night. Following that meeting, the club released a statement on its website confirming the departure of Mr McKee.

It said: “Clyde Football Club has this evening terminated with immediate effect, the contract of U-19 player Max McKee following the player’s comment regarding Neil Lennon on a social networking site.

“Max has apologised profusely for his words and deeply regrets the distress that his action has caused. Clyde FC equally regrets the offensive remarks by the player and have contacted Celtic FC to apologise for this matter.”


Thursday, 21 April 2011

RIP Lisa Head

What the Equal Rights lobby have never understood is that once a uniform is granted, ethnicity, sexual persuasion, race, creed and social acceptability no longer stands.

As long as you go out into the field and do your job, that is all the Troopie has ever demanded of his oppo's. That Lisa did her duty is good enough and made her better than the masses.

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First female officer killed in Afghanistan died defusing daisy-chain of bombs

Captain Lisa Head is believed to be the first ever female bomb disposal
officer to be killed on operations after she died from wounds sustained on

The officer was clearing an alleyway laced with IEDs (Improvised Explosive
Device) for a patrol of paratroopers in one of the most dangerous parts of
Helmand when she received the fatal injuries.

In a statement her parents and sister said: “We are extremely proud of Lisa.
Lisa always said that she had the best job in the world and she loved every
second of it. Lisa had a fantastic life and lived it to the full.”


Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Submarine farse published

As a Royal the standing joke was never, never, never let a matelot loose with a gun. Give him/her a ship, boat or call them what you want and they do their best to do their worst. Who gave miss world the wheel of the Nottingham and stood back in amazement when she found the only rock in an ocean? Who found a massive sand bank in the way of the Astute? Or hit the bridge on the Thames? Jolly Jack!!!

Perhaps it is fortunate that Stanley Park has more boats than the Royal.

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Accidental Leak Of British Nuclear Submarine Secrets

Defence chiefs have been forced into an embarrassing emergency retraction after secret information about the UK's nuclear-powered submarines was inadvertently published on a website.

A technical error meant sections of a Ministry of Defence report that appeared to have been blacked out could in fact be read by anyone who copied and pasted them into another document.

The offending paragraphs have now been properly covered up [PDF] but were reported to have included expert opinion about the fleet's ability to withstand a catastrophic accident.
The Tory MP Patrick Mercer, who served in the army, told the newspaper the information would be "hugely interesting" to Britain's enemies and its release "potentially catastrophic".

The document involved was an assessment drawn up by the head of the defence nuclear safety regulator, Commodore Andrew McFarlane, over options for the reactors in future submarines to replace the Trident fleet.


Screw loose in Military commitments

What does the MoD or the Foreign Office think it's up to?

Leave the Libyan situation alone. Had not the past governments played stupid with a despot, none of this would be necessary. It just goes to show how much the powers that be put the worth of oil over morality.

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UK Military Experts To Help Libyan Rebels

Experienced British military officers are being sent to the Libyan rebel stronghold of Benghazi to help the fight against Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.
The extra personnel will add to a UK diplomatic team that is already liasing with rebel leaders in the eastern city.
Foreign Secretary William Hague told Sky News the military liaison team would be able to advise on how better to protect civilians.

"It's not boots on the ground, it's not fighting forces," he said. "We operate strictly within United Nations resolutions which forbid any occupation force in any part of Libya, we will always respect that."


Ashdown in the wrong bed, again

If the mask fits, Paddy.

Instead of concentrating on getting true democracy for this much disenfranchised nation by demanding that all ballot papers have a "none of the above" column, Paddy is trying to defend the indefensible.

Blair and then Brown lied their ways through almost fourteen years of lunacy leaving the majority with no option other than not to vote. Where are their rights? Who is speaking up for them and me? None of our present troughing politicians.

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Story Image

Lord Ashdown hit out at David Cameron yesterday over the “deeply personal” criticism of Nick Clegg

The former Liberal Democrat leader challenged the PM to distance himself from the attacks on the Deputy Prime Minister by supporters of the No campaign.

He warned that the ­conduct of the Tory-backed campaign against the alternative vote system could be very damaging for the coalition.

It comes amid deepening ­tensions between the two gov­erning parties ahead of the vote.

AV is opposed by Mr ­Cameron but backed by his Lib Dem deputy.

Lord Ashdown said: “This has become a deeply and appallingly personal campaign. It’s centred on one personality and that is Nick Clegg.”


Filesharing mystery lawsuit

I don't do it. I don't understand it. Please send to my mate Warrington Cheshire of no fixed abode, the flat above mine.

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Filesharing: BT and TalkTalk fail in challenge to Digital Economy Act

Black Eyed Peas
The music industry claims illegal filesharing is damaging sales of acts such as Black Eyed Peas. Photograph: Jim Cooper/AP

Government plans to curb illegal filesharing received a significant boost on Wednesday, as a judicial review of the controversial Digital Economy Act failed to halt the legislation.

The UK's two largest internet service providers, BT and TalkTalk, were dealt a blow as their judicial review of the DEA was thrown out of London's high court on all but one of the legal grounds they had raised.

BT and TalkTalk argued that the act infringed internet users' "basic rights and freedoms" and received insufficient parliamentary scrutiny.

Plans to send thousands of warning letters to alleged illegal downloaders should now go ahead in the first half of next year.


Evil in our midst?


On 29th April 2011, what is probably one of the most anticipated events in recent years will be due to take place at Westminster Abbey; Prince William and Kate Middleton, will soon exchange matrimonial vows, in the presence of a global audience.

Unfortunately, Britain's continued interference in Muslim lands is showing no signs of abating; the plundering of resources, the murdering of innocent (Muslim) men, women and children and the forced indoctrination of the satanic democratic creed have become hallmarks of a brutal regime led by a very brutal dictator.

In the backdrop of all this, we find that one of the biggest advocates of British imperialism, Flight Lieutenant Prince William, wishes to enjoy an extravagant wedding ceremony, ironically at the expense of the tax-payer.

I have copied the above directly from the front page a Muslim minority blog. Having a great niece who thinks these potential mass murderers are not properly represented, I will counter with this. The British Isles left our period of civil unrest hundreds of years ago - and I deliberately do not equate the two hundred Nationalist republican fanatics of the IRA as they will persist as long as their parents perceive injustices where none exists. If this cancer is allowed to proliferate we WILL endure some of the worst excesses of communal violence ever witnessed on these shores.

I was warned by a former comrade that it would be unwise to unleash the full anger of the British people on a minority that ought not to be here. Former governments had no compulsion of removing the passports of supporters of Ian Douglas Smith, and the Australian Government has just deported another Pom for not assimilating into their culture. It is time to do the same with those in our country who wish us so much ill.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Who and what is Jane Pilgrim?

NHS official slamming Andrew Lansley goes quiet.

It is very intriguing when looking at people's political affiliations and leanings. After 14 years of absolute abuse by Lieber, we now have another group who appear to want to feather their own nests instead of ridding the nation of corruption. So where do officials in our hospitals and within the NHS stand? Are they not there to represent PATIENTS and not marginal and discredited political organisation?
Read Guido Fawkes's article on Jane Pilgrim and make your own minds up. Ms Pilgrim appears to be a mouthpiece for disinformation from whatever political angle who is incapable or unwilling to defend her stance against investigative journalism. Perhaps we should get the News of the World to release her private telephone calls, except they will probably be very boring and in no ways salacious.
The Evening Standard, it is suggested, may have been lied to by Ms Pilgrim?!? Is that political Progress?

Friday, 15 April 2011

Blackpool road sign

Emergency traffic can't get through this morass. The Promenade is completely closed.

Multicultural Hell?

The figures belie the facts and no amount of gloss will cover the dread that so many Britons fear.

Open your mouth and you, like the late great Enoch Powell, will be castigated for even thinking the unthinkable. That every commentator and pro immigration loudmouth has misquoted the Great Man is undeniable. That a present Prime Minister has the audacity to even approach the subject after Labours efforts to Brown my skin colour is the single act of treason that the British should demand redress for.

Ich bin ein Englander.

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Almost one in eight people living in UK are born abroad

Almost one in eight people living in the UK are now foreign born after hitting record levels in the wake of the largest wave of immigration in history.

Almost one in eight people living in UK are born abroad

The figures, which were compiled by the Office for National Statistics, were disclosed amid a renewed debate on immigration.

The proportion of the population born overseas almost doubled in two decades
to more than 11 per cent, according to data seen by The Daily Telegraph.

It meant that just under seven million people living in Britain were immigrants – enough to fill a city the size of London.

The rise was largely down to Labour's "open door" immigration policy, under which three million foreigners were added to the population during the party's 13 years in power.

The figures, which were compiled by the Office for National Statistics, were
disclosed amid a renewed debate on immigration.


Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wigan pensioner answers Labours lies

I received this email from an irate former Royal Marine, Dennis Shambley, who has courageously stood against Labour for the BNP in his native Wigan. With his blessing I publish it in full. Notareargunner.

I received a glossy leaflet from the Labour Party; a party which was formed to represent working class Britons. However, over the last 5 years, 98% of jobs under these shysters went to foreign nationals. This party (Labour) allowed people with Aids HIV and TB into our classrooms and towns.

If people write under Freedom of Information, they may get the same answer I received; they refused to tell me anything.

Remember when we had housing lists that were sacrosanct and homes went to the next family in line. This is no longer the case, WE don’t go to the top of the list. Who has allowed this to happen? Labour did and they still want this injustice to continue, The local Liebour candidate, Mrs Smethurst, say’s she is fighting Tory cuts. What she is fighting for is to allow migrants and asylum seekers to maintain their housing benefit set by Liebour; in a lot of cases over £100.000 a year. The Tories are trying to cap it at £20,000 a year. This she finds repulsive, BLESS, even though they are not legally entitled to be here.

Why don’t the Labour Party on our behalf, challenge the £12 billion a year we give in Foreign Aid? That money would be better spent on our own people on pensions and benefits. We are being forced to house genocide maniacs from African states and even Afghan warlords who leave their families here whilst they go to kill our troops in Afghan, leaving us to pick up the tab for all their families benefits.

Do not to mention the ad hoc terrorists and the sheer irresponsibility. I strongly advise you to ditch these irresponsible liebour councillors who have done more than enough damage as it is. Their party is responsible for taking us into an illegal war that has cost thousands of innocent lives and thrust this country into the middle of a cold civil war. I do have a sneaking admiration for Mrs Smethurst and the rest of the liebour councillors. I personally wouldn’t have the courage to ask to be elected again after all the damage they have inflicted on this country, and I don’t mean just financial,

Their time has gone

HMS Cornwall luxury cruises

The Admiralty has replaced the gun deck with an all purpose swimming pool and the anti submarine tubes with cake launchers for their friends, the Somali Pirates.

The crew has been trained to wave at passing Skull and Cross Bones with the Marines instructed to give shooting lessons to any 'entrepreneur' from the African Continent. It is rumoured that the former Navigation Officer from the Nottingham will be deployed to help find new lands in open waters.

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Admiral Thanks Cornwall For Anti-Piracy Efforts

The Royal Navy's second most senior sailor has thanked the men and women of HMS Cornwall for their four-month sweep of the Indian Ocean keeping the pirate scourge in check.

Commander-in-Chief Fleet Admiral Sir Trevor Soar joined the Devonport-based frigate in Jordan in the final throes of her east of Suez mission.

HMS Cornwall has completed her tour of duty off the Horn of Africa and is making her way home to Devonport - which she's not seen since 28 October last year.


Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Blackpool's Plaque of Shame

This plaque reads:
was opened by ELLIOT MORLEY MP
at the Department of the Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
on the 10th September 2001

Not a mention of the thieving rat stealing on expenses, or the chortling as DWP fraudsters get prison for earning a few pounds an hour in their local chip shop.

Pull the insensitive plaque off the wall and send it to Mr Morley, c/o HM Prisons and tell him to stick it on his cell wall. This ought to be done by a councillor but I find it difficult to find one with sufficient moral credentials.

Monday, 11 April 2011

Police "hid" evidence because of racism

This was being openly talked about in Blackpool districts several years before these children disappeared. Nothing was done because the whole society is so scared of retribution from the immigrant population.

Like it or lump it, integration does not work. How can we solve the problems of illiteracy and anti-social behaviour amongst our own when we have no control over an alien swarm?

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Police 'hid' abuse of 60 girls by Asian takeaway workers linked to murder of 14-year-old

At least 60 schoolgirls were groomed for sex by workers at seedy takeaways linked to the murder of a 14-year-old girl.

Children as young as 11 were targeted by mainly Asian staff at fast
food outlets in Blackpool. They were offered food, alcohol and
cigarettes in return for sexual favours.

An unpublicised police report produced after 14-year-old Charlene
Downes vanished in 2003 found the girls, most if not all white, had been
victims of the ‘honey pot’ premises. There were claims last night that
the report was suppressed for reasons of political correctness.

Charlene Downes
Paige Chivers, 15, has been missing from Blackpool since August 26, 2007

Victims: Charlene Downes (left) is believed to have been murdered while Paige Chivers has been missing since 2007


Navy murders

With the plethora of psychological analysis, the demands of experts to dissect every aspect of service life, they still get it so wrong.

Why can't they return to the time when experienced SNCO's said to young officers, 'he will or will not do?' They didn't always get it right, but the regimes were far more cruel and arduous than today and God came with three stripes. You didn't have to be socially acceptable to make a good service personnel. All you had to pass was RSM's muster and Church Parade. ( For RSM read Master's if a Jolly).

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Submarine Shootings: Able Seaman In Court

A Royal Navy sailor has appeared in court in Southampton charged with murdering a senior officer and trying to kill three other crew on board a nuclear submarine. Skip related content

Able Seaman Ryan Donovan, 22, is accused of the murder of Lieutenant Commander Ian Molyneux on HMS Astute.

He is also charged with the attempted murders of Petty Officer Christopher Brown, Chief Petty Officer David McCoy and Lieutenant Commander Christopher Hodge.

He made no plea and was remanded in custody until his next appearance at Winchester Crown Court on April 13.


Browns affair with Greenspan exposed

Not able to think for himself, Gordon fell under the influence of the most discreditable financial theorist in the World.

By doing so he ruined the British economy.

Thank You for voting Labour

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Gordon Brown: I made a big mistake on banks

In a candid admission Gordon Brown said it had been a mistake to leave bank regulation in the hands of the FSA
In a candid admission Gordon Brown said it had been a mistake to leave bank regulation in the hands of the FSA

In his first clear admission of some responsibility for the financial crisis, the former prime minister claimed he had not understood how “entangled” the world’s financial institutions had become.

They come as the Treasury prepares to receive a review into how Britain’s banks should operate in the future. The Independent Commission on Banking (ICB), led by Sir John Vickers, is expected to recommend significant reforms to make it less likely that banks take unnecessary risks and to encourage greater competition.

Mr Brown, who has been criticised for no longer attending the Commons to take part in economic debates, made his remarks while addressing a conference in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, at the weekend. It was the first time he had commented explicitly on the system of regulation that he masterminded during Labour’s first term in power.

He focused on the Financial Services Authority (FSA), which he established in a surprise move on his first day as chancellor in 1997. It was widely criticised during the financial crisis for failing to predict and manage the turmoil.


Another Open Meeting held in secret.

The Cabal that appears to run the Blackpool and Fylde Ex-Servicemen’s Association is said to have offered an open forum to address the problems that their Top Table has fostered on the ex service community.

The majority of servicemen do not belong to any organisations and this is one of the main reasons why!

A Forum was convened – reported to have been at the Town Hall, last Wednesday - in secrecy and held in private as is typical of this questionable organisation.

Of that Meeting, it is reported that a former Sgt Major from the Irish Guards fell into the trap of thinking that his service would carry any authority. The regime of would be shop keepers and pseudo welfare carers caused insult to at least one attendee and did nothing to ease the concerns of former service men AND women.

If the Cabal wants to regain some respect and a modicum of dignity they ought to resign until all the investigations into their activities are finalised. This will not show or indicate any criminality on their behalf, but will allow creditable representation especially as they hold the valise for the North’s’ National celebrations.

Will someone please indicate to me where the council reported this meeting on their web site?