Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Law in Zimbabwe

MASVINGO – Sources within the Ministry of Justice have indicated that minister Patrick Chinamasa allegedly ordered the recent release of Zanu-PF activist Edmore Hwarare from police custody behind the backs of court officials in Chiredzi and also cautioned prosecutors over the way they had handled the case. Hwarare, a former Zanu-PF provincial political commissar in Masvingo, was arrested for fraud involving a large quantity of processed sugar worth over US $132 000. Chinamasa allegedly ordered prison officials to release the self proclaimed chairman of the Zimbabwe Sugar Milling Workers Union after he was remanded in custody. Prosecutors at the Chiredzi magistrate courts promptly boycotted their duties in protest at the irregular handling of Hwarare’s case and what now turns out to have been Chinamasa’s action. Sources close to the case say Hwarare’s loyalty to Zanu-PF is unquestionable. He is well-known for his generous donations of money and goods at major party functions in Chiredzi and is said to enjoy a special relationship with Chinamasa. Masvingo area prosecutor Mirirai Shumba said Hwarare was released from custody after the state had failed to launch an appeal against the granting of bail. Chinamasa refused to comment on the issue on Friday.

Not much different from the UK?

Monday, 27 April 2009

Blackburn Peer deep in the trough.

Guilty peers Lord Taylor of

Blackburn and Lord Truscott

face a year's suspension

TWO Labour peers at the centre of the lords for hire scandal have been found
guilty of misconduct by a sleaze inquiry and face suspension from
parliament, according to senior House of Lords sources.

Senior peers have concluded that Lord Taylor of Blackburn and Lord Truscott
have broken the code of conduct of members of the upper house.

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At a time when former Blackburn landlord, Andy Miller, was meeting an ignominious death, the Peer from Blackburn was destroying the last vestiges of moral fibre Labour in Lancashire.
Whilst Andy's family wait the outcome of a strange internal investigation into the Courts’ involvement in his death, the Labour administration shows all the attitude of fiefdom in delaying the report. Why?
What is so embarrassing that the investigator denied the main witnesses legal representation? Not that there is any suggestion of impropriety on the family’s behalf, but because for the truth to out there has to be fairness and equity. Neither has been permitted to the innocent and naive witnesses to this tragic and unnecessary harassment of an aging, unwell man.
Whilst Labour sink into the abyss of self destruct arrogance, a decent Lancashire family have been left like mushrooms.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Cheaper new cars?

Budget 2009: Bangers for cash - Will it work?

Motorists who trade in their old cars will get a £2,000 discount towards a new vehicle under a 'bangers for cash' scheme designed to kickstart the ailing UK motor industry.

Crushed Car Crane

The motor industry had been hoping that Labour would foot the entire £2,000 bill.

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If you are a news anorak you will know how precarious this scheme is. Also, according to media sources, you can get better deals through the internet than that proposed by the Government. Check it out for yourself and tell your elderly friends and relatives. If yours are anything like mine they will take not a single piece of notice and go ahead and spend more money than they need to, because this awful Government has sanctioned it.
Must I remind you that this Government sent the youth to war on Dodgy Dossier and is wholly responsible for the loss of your pensions through the collapse of Corrupt Bankers????

Friday, 24 April 2009

Premature headline give false account

clipped from news.bbc.co.uk

More Gurkhas can settle in the UK

Gurkhas at High Court
New rules for former Gurkha soldiers will allow around 4,300 more to live in the UK, the Home Office has said.
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In a week when it has been divulged that thousands of illegal immigrants have gone missing from their non-existent education courses, the Ghurkhas get a kick in the Ed Balls from Immigration Minister Phil Woolas.
Labour is not only corrupt but devoid of integrity to govern a civilised nation.

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Westminster Magistrates Court

MEP Tom Wise charged

with fiddling accounts and

money laundering

A Member of the European Parliament and his assistant have both been charged
with false accounting and money laundering after an investigation into
claims that they misused thousands of pounds of expenses.

Tom Wise, 60, who was hoping to stand for re-election in June, was elected for
the UK Independence Party but now sits as an independent after being
expelled from the party.

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Now, just imagine if he was either Labour or Conservative. Would he be in the Cabinet?? Most likely, on past records.

Why coloureds can't be terrorists

Why coloureds can't be terrorists: by MARK LOTTERING

- Ons is altyd laat. We would have missed all 4 flights.

- We talk loud and would bring attention to ourselves.

- Met free kos en cooldrink oppie plane, we'll sommer forget why we're there.

- We praat with our hands, so we'll continually be putting the weapons down.

- We would ALL want to fly the freaking plane, ending in a "moerse" fight with each other.

- We'll sommer argue and start a fight in the terminal before we even get on the plane & one of us is bound to say out loud: 'Gaan kak man! Dan hijack jy die foken plane alleen!!'

- Ons kannie 'n secret hou nie. We would have told everyone a week before doing it, telling them: 'Moet vir niemand se nie, ho!'

- We would have insisted that the plane fly past Strandfontein Pavillion.

- We would have all lined up to get our photograph taken by one of the hostages.

- When we enter the cockpit, we would have used the intercom system for a karaoke session, with one doos trying to sing 'I did it my way'.

- We would first rob every one of their Ray-Bans, cellphones and gold teeth, just before we crash the plane.

- Our whole freaking family plus neighbors would have been at the airport to see us off, crying their "bleddie" eyes out, and your mother saying to the white ou next to her: 'I'm so proud of him. It's the first time he's hijacking a plane!'

- We would have dressed like terrorists for our airport go-way clothes: balaclavas, jumpsuits, karate skoentjies, dark glasses, en 'n moerse attitude.

- Two of us would have forgotten our passports at home..

- Three of us would have overweight luggage.

- All of us would have luggage.

- We would have all wanted to watch the in-flight movie first.

- Before we went into action, we would have all queued up at the toilet to first gel our hair.

- We would have taken the plane for a joyride first, played the music at full blast and try to park the plane somewhere where the chicks could see us...

This would usually be attributed to another blog, but for all those who think this is a laughing matter, just look at what you are voting for...

I misread as Peter Hain.

clipped from www.dailymail.co.uk

He has four wives and he

faced 783 counts of corruption:


Africa's next president

Jacob Zuma

This fast-approaching catastrophe is a source of shame and apprehension to millions of honest people, white and black, in South Africa itself.

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For a brief moment I almost maligned the South African nation with mixing one South African politician with another. The difference between the two is that one know he is an ignorant, corrupt, bigot and unfit for office. The other is just another Labour Minister (in waiting again!!!) I read it as Peter Hain as the next... Mein Liebe God, aren't the South Africans lucky? And the Taffs?

Burma's forgotten people

The Burma Campaign UK is delighted to announce that the autobiography of Zoya Phan, the International Coordinator at Burma Campaign UK, is published in the UK today.

When Zoya was 14 years old the Burmese Army attacked her village and she was forced to flee. She lived in a refugee camp in Thailand before coming to the UK, where she now has asylum. She joined the Burma Campaign UK in 2005.

In the UK, Little Daughter is available in bookshops, online and from Burma Campaign UK.

There is more on her own Facebook Before we forget these once great allies, spend a second with one of Burma's young people.

Monday, 20 April 2009

The Gravy Train exposed

In May 2008, freedom-of-information campaigner Heather Brooke won a court battle that should have prompted the release of all politicians' expense claims. A year later, with those expenses still to be published and the flow of leaked information ever increasing, Heather studies the information that is available to piece together a forensic insight into how public money is being spent.

clipped from www.channel4.com

The Westminster Gravy Train

freedom-of-information campaigner Heather Brooke
Tuesday 21 April 200902:25Channel 4
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On TV First Shown April 2009 19:00 Channel 4
Next On
Date Time Channel
Tuesday 21 April 2009 02:25 Channel 4
Switch off your Corrie and East Benders and watch reality.
Twelve years of inept Labour mismanagement is far too much. Conservative self interest is an anathema to all decent people. There has to be an alternative to the two party system and it is up to British people to decide, not Europeans, immigrants or the inmates of Broadmoor and Dartmoor.

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Politics sinks to new depths

New smear email nails Labour lies

THE VILE website at the centre of the vicious plot to smear top Tories was set
up with the help of the boss of the Labour Party, the News of the World can
sensationally reveal today.

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According to the Guardian, the Prime Minister Gordon Brown should find a new moral compass. What I would like to add, to those who support this vile regime, if you accept the lies, the complete fabrication of morality, then we are not only opposed ideologically, but you do not deserve to have any right to dictate to others your crass and vile attitudes.
No wonder Labour survives on the vote of the immigrant because no true Brit can support such rampant duplicity.

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Tops Jobs more important than patients

clipped from news.bbc.co.uk

Secret filming nurse struck off

A nurse who secretly filmed for the BBC to reveal the neglect of elderly patients at a hospital has been struck off for misconduct.
Margaret Haywood

Margaret Haywood, 58, filmed at the Royal Sussex Hospital in Brighton for a BBC Panorama programme in July 2005.

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Not an apology for exposing the dire strait that some hospitals function under, but a whipping dog for the pathetically inept management of some NHS Trusts.
This is what Labour stands for, because no matter how you address this situation it is an obvious political assassination of an individual exposing the truth about the Nation State.
I take on board the privacy of the patients, and their need for such, but I would prefer them to get decent nursing and good care when they have no-one except the state to care for them.
So what has happened to the top managers who allowed the appalling state of the hospital to occur? A huge pension and a slap on the back for finally starting what the BBC Panorama programme had to expose - for the benefit of those who cannot speak for themselves?
Under this type of management we are all damned.

British traitors.

clipped from www.dailymail.co.uk

British bomber 'fighting

for the Taliban against

British soldiers'

The sample matched with a database of UK terror suspects and confirms mounting fears that British nationals are now fighting alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The DNA sample was taken from an roadside bomb that was diffused by bomb disposal experts in Helmand Province.

Recent intelligence reports show that rising numbers of home-grown jihadists have joined the Taliban so they can kill British soldiers.

New threat: British forces patrol the Helmand town of Musa Qala in Southern Afghanistan. There is now proof that British nationals are joining the Taliban
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The traitors are those in Westminster who give these mass murderers security of a British passport - yet argue over the nationality of children of British heroes born in British Military Hospitals overseas.
Are you listening Westminster? That is rhetorical because they are not.

Gordon and Alastair

Gordon Brown called Alastair Darling into his office one day & said,
'Alastair, I have a great idea! We are going to go all out to win back Middle England '.
'Good idea PM, how will we go about it?' said Darling.
'Well' said Brown 'we'll get ourselves two of those long Barbour coats, some proper wellies, a stick & a flat cap, oh & a Labrador
Then we'll really look the part. We'll go to a nice old country pub, in Much Something or other, & we'll show we really enjoy the countryside,......oh & remember not to mention the hunting with dogs Act'
'Right PM' said Darling.
So a few days later, all kitted out & with the requisite Labrador at heel, they set off from London. Eventually they arrived at just the place they were looking for & found a lovely country pub &, with the dog, went in & up to the bar.
'Good evening Landlord, two pints of your best ale, from the wood please' said Brown.
'Good evening Prime Minister' said the landlord, 'two pints of best it is, coming up'

Brown & Darling stood leaning on the bar contemplating new taxes, nodding now & again to those who came in for a drink, whilst the dog lay quietly at their feet. As they drank their beer they chatted about how heart-rending it was that pensioners were being imprisoned for not paying the council tax.
All of a sudden, the door from the adjacent bar opened & in came a grizzled old shepherd, complete with crook. He walked up to the Labrador lifted its tail & looked underneath, shrugged his shoulders and walked back to the other bar.
A few moments later, in came a wizened farmer who followed the same procedure. To the bewilderment of Brown & Darling people of all ages & gender followed suit over the next hour. Eventually, unable to stand it any longer, Darling called the landlord over.
'Tell me' said Darling, 'Why did all those people come in & look under the dog's tail like that? Is it an old Custom?

'Good Lord no,' said the landlord. 'It's just that someone has told them that there was a Labrador in this bar with two arseholes.'

I wonder if this email will get the sender arrested, or make Cheltenham titter????

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Priority for injured soldiers?

clipped from www.modoracle.com

Priority Homes For Injured Troops

Former servicemen and women who have been seriously injured on active duty are to be given priority for specially adapted social homes, the government will announce today.
"Former military personnel will get top priority," a Defra spokesman said. Housing minister Iain Wright said: "It is right that our servicemen and women who are seriously injured fighting for their country are given the housing support they deserve. These new rules mean service personnel must be treated as priority for specially adapted homes."
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I will believe this when I see it.
Seven years ago I was the sole voice screaming at the inequities of council decisions made in Blackpool. The Council had issued an edict which placed former servicemen in 17th place on page two of their discussion paper on housing. When I raised this issue with the Ex Servicemen’s Association and the Royal Marines Association I was told I was out of order and out of line.
Now sense has prevailed and these worthless bodies realised that it is the serving man (and woman) who is always the priority and not their self indulgent selves, I would like to say I told you.
The facts are that the majority of former service associations are not worth a fart in moral and ethical standards- in my opinion- says it all. When political association takes priority over the camaraderie of old pals it shows the depths that society has sunk.
Well done Help for Heroes. The tragedy is that you have to exist at all.

Saturday, 11 April 2009


Somali pirates have apparently captured another US-owned vessel in the Indian Ocean - with 10 Italians among the crew (they wanta da spaghetti). Earlier, a Panamanian ship managed to fight off an attempted hijack. Somali elders are trying to mediate between the US Navy and pirates holding an American captain hostage - they've warned that attempts to rescue him by force could end in 'disaster'. Strange, I thought Somalia was empty with so many illegals over here murdering our policewomen.

Forsyth on expenses

I am becoming heartily sick of hearing some politicians and other assorted rogues caught with their hands a yard into the taxpayer’s pocket proclaiming that he/she “had done nothing wrong” when they mean “done nothing illegal”.

Only someone close to being a retard (and yes, there really are a few almost that dim in public life) would not know that “wrong” (as in morally unacceptable) is only rarely the same as “illegal” (meaning in breach of statute law).

What the skimmers are doing is to take the complex and ambiguous Parliamentary rule book in the matter of claims and expenses and, by close-to-the-wind ingenuity, wangling the absolute just-legal maximum for themselves.

These rules were devised on the basis of automatic self-restraint by thoroughly honest people. Those days departed among backbenchers under John Major and among everyone up to senior Cabinet rank as soon as conman Blair began to set the example. I mean, if you can send young men to die on the basis of a tissue of lies what’s a bath plug or an adult movie?

But that is not quite the end of it – or it need not be. Unlike the kleptocracies east of Calais we have never had Parlia­mentary immunity in this country – the outrage that puts an elected tribune of the people above the law. Privilege, yes, immunity, no. We have always preferred the wisdom of Sir Edward Coke (1552–1634). “Be you King or commoner the law is above you.”

And I believe there does indeed exist a statute law that declares it a crime “to seek to obtain, or to obtain, a pecuniary advantage by deception”.

Clearly massive expense claims for money that was never spent or needed to be spent deliver a pecuniary advantage. Clearly to declare that a sister’s spare box-room is really your principal family residence is an untruth and therefore a deception.

Parliamentary rule books do not override statute law. Pretty clearly many pecuniary advantages have been obtained by acts of deception. We should rely on old Edward Coke and bring a private prosecution. Let the High Court decide. But no more mealy-mouthed excuses. We have had enough.

I wrote almost an identical argument to this almost 8 years ago.

12 detained and counting

The police are searching another house in Liverpool in connection with the alleged terror plot. There's no official news on the 12 men who've been arrested - the police still have 26 days to question them without charge.

The four names of the arrested men are circulating in the media but we're not going to broadcast them as things stand for legal reasons - but we understand that two of them were recruited to John Moores University through a recruitment office in Peshawar, Pakistan and in the last few months visited Pakistan together. There's some controversy brewing over the student visa system and the extent of British-Pakistani cooperation in screening them all.

Downing Street tried to damp this down by saying Gordon Brown had spoken to President Zardari and the two men had committed to do all they can to stop terrorism.

About 10,000 students come from Pakistan every year and under the new points system they are checked against watch lists, have to have a place at a registered institution and show they have the correct qualifications. Universities will also have to report when they go missing. But some people, including the Pakistani high commissioner, seem to think we should go further. The high commissioner thinks Britain should hand the names of applicants to Pakistani security services for vetting.

That's something Britain is showing little interest in. But the immigration minister, Phil Woolas, is on record as saying that abuse of the student visa system, before the changes, was a loophole in Britain's border controls. He'll be debating whether things should change with Chris Grayling, the shadow home secretary. Mr Grayling has opposed the government's plans to record all entry and exit to and from Britain on an e-borders database and Mr Woolas is keen to take him to task on that.

Of course none of this rules out the possibility that there was no plot, these arrests come to nothing and the individuals are all innocent.(This extract is taken from the Channel 4 Snowmail, dated today)

What is wonderful is that supposedly the most intelligent people in Britain are working for the Anti-terrorist agencies. How come, then, that they deny that the most dangerous – potentially- terrorists already reside in this country and are included amongst the most trusted of immigrant? Or have everyone forgotten the Glasgow Airport plotters and the schemes they had in place?

Friday, 10 April 2009

BNP threatening Labour - at last!!!

clipped from uk.news.yahoo.com

The British National Party is stronger than ever and could pose a major threat to Labour in the upcoming European elections, the Labour Party's deputy leader has said. Skip related content

Harriet Harman said: "It is a worry. Certainly they (the BNP) are a bigger threat than they have been before."

In areas where there is heavy BNP activity, Labour is using the slogan "fairness not fear" instead of its national banner "winning the fight for Britain's future".

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It makes not a jot of difference what anyone thinks. That hard core of mindless Labour backers and voters would vote for their idols once the Poles have melted completely and the Earth has drowned in the sewage of Labours' making.
Well done Britain for realising that it is abour who is the real enemy of the British Nation.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Hogs running the trough

clipped from www.thesun.co.uk

TEN MPs who act as anti-sleaze watchdogs claimed £4million in expenses.

Expenses claim ... Sir George Young

Tory MP Sir George Young, who chairs the committee, employs his daughter from
his taxpayer-funded allowances. Labour’s Andrew Dismore spent £37,414 on
stationery in the year he joined the committee and £29,145 the following

Questions were last night raised about their ability to rule on others when
they claim so much themselves

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Westminster just gets dirtier.

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Breaking News, more sleaze from Westminster

++ New MP’s Scam Breaking +++

GuidoFawkes is digging into a whole new seam of scams that have come to his notice. MPs are renting out buy-to-let properties that they own, to members of their own staff, to whom they authorise payments out of parliamentary expenses. Well done, Guido. Now you have them by the throat, squeeze hard.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Labour MP on MPs expenses.

Labour, how a honest man (MP) views his own party.

Violence on the strrets

Boys aged 10 and 11 arrested

after 'life-threatening assault'

in Yorkshire

An 11-year-old boy was left fighting for his life and his 9-year-old friend
was found bleeding from head to toe after being attacked and tortured by
other children. The boys’ attackers demanded mobile phones, money and
trainers. When they refused they were said to have been burnt with
cigarettes, cut with a knife and beaten with bricks. Two boys aged 10 and 11
have been arrested.

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Echoes of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson?