Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Great Broadband Rip-off

Why it pays to read Contracts.

The above is the Internet talk I had with Plusnet.  From previous postings you will see that I have a contract, fully paid in advance 11 months ago, that expires on 15 February 2017.
The Company asks for at least 14 days notice of end of Contract, otherwise they would assume that the contract would continue at a monthly rate.  To assist with their inept record keeping, I informed their Customer Service department, Joel, that I would not be renewing their Services at the end of this contract.

Contrary to my instructions, they have cancelled my contract 1 month prematurely and charged me with the privilege.  Not only that, they have given me 11 days to make full and final payment otherwise the heavies would be sent in.  With my experience of illegal bailiff actions, the last thing I am bothered about is the SS kicking in my door to extract a contestable £34 and a few coppers (sic).

Had I misread the original contract?  Well, that's a mistake I shall never repeat with the overpriced Internet Cabals.  I have had talks with TalkTalk about their advertised Broadband Fibre network.  They write it can be supplied, as I have recorded, but it only goes to the Junction Box 170 mts from my front door.  When I pointed out that Broadband Fibre can only be called such if it goes to your computer, they blustered and flustered and said take it...  I have left it.  After all, if it quacks like a Duck, waddles like a Duck, then it is a D...   Whatever the service is, it can't be Broadband Fibre if it is transmitted via copper wire.  That is ADSL, yet they all charge for Broadband.

Welcome to Rip-Off Britain.

I have a solution.

When the overpriced BT monopoly line activated Internet system is finally removed, I shall take my LapTop to my local Wifi Free cafe for breakfast.  It's surprising how much one can do over delicious plate of eggs, halal bacon and pork sausages with two cups of good black coffee. Then I will turn it off and get on with living a full life.

I shall be awaiting with interest to see if PlusNet employ the same Bailiff who murdered Andy Miller, the 79yo former Blackpool pub landlord.  I say that because I wonder why PlusNet does not just take their "dues" directly from my Bank?  Have you misplaced my account details, also, PlusNet?  Reads about the same as recent TalkTalk activity.  Remember the £400k fine they have just paid for lapse in personal security of clients details? No! Never mind, eh...