Friday, 6 January 2017

Piss Poor Service from Yorkshires Plusnet

Joel Rees - Sales & COT Analyst
12:01pm, Friday 6 Jan 2017

This is to confirm, I have arranged for your account to be closed on 15/01/2017

I have not taken the final fees, therefore they will remain outstanding.

The total amount outstanding is broken down as follows:

*Outstanding charges
Cancellation Date: Scheduled for 15 February 2017
Outstanding Charges: Unlimited Broadband £4.12
Cessation Charge £30.00
Promotional discount adjustment for 30 days £-9.99
Broadband service charge for 30 days £9.99
Total £34.12*

If we have not received payment by the above date, the balance will be sent to a third party Debt Recovery agency.

Please call our Customer Support Team on 0800 432 0200.

Kind regards,

Joel Rees


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We emailed you recently about your Plusnet services and told you your Line Rental Saver expires on 16 March. We're sorry but we made a mistake and it actually expires on 15 February 2017. If you've recently renewed your Line Rental Saver the date mentioned above may not take this into account.