Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Inept Plusnet letter

Hello Stephen,

Account username:
Your Line Rental Saver contract will finish soon.

Your Line Rental Saver contract is due to expire on 15/02/2017. If you'd like to to continue saving money on your line rental after that date, you can renew at:

If you choose not to renew your Line Rental Saver contract, you'll start making monthly line rental payments on 15/02/2017.

Please note: you'll continue to pay for your call plan and any call features or chargeable calls on your monthly bill.

I paid for ALL services one year in advance.  On me telling this Yorkshire Company, a subsidiary of BT, that I will NOT be extending the contract, some bright spark emailed me with the cancellation of Contract a month ahead of schedule.  This is contrary to all aspects and construction of Contract Law.

Another reason for not recommending Plusnet to anyone! 

I gather from others that all Broadband providers are the same!  When I applied through other groups of companies, they all told me they supply to the Junction Box 170 meters from my front door.  This, according to all the experts, cannot be BROADBAND.  With 170 mts of copper, 60 plus telephone connections, it's small wonder my service keeps crashing. Not one Supplier would tell me the rate of degradation from Junction Box to computer.  So much for open information from the Internet suppliers...