Saturday, 5 October 2013

Blackpool Highfield Ward since the election

In Blackpool, as with most other councils, we sway from Pournelle’s conclusive winners, Labour, to equally sinister ideologues, the Tories, without considering his second alternative.  I believe Ukip offers a viable and honest alternative, but with a more realistic approach to matters. A quick glance at the back slapping political gatherings serves only to reinforce such an opinion. Few fair minded individuals could honestly say that the Utopian promises offered by any of these  three charlatans was anything more than cake to the starving masses. It is unfortunate that so many spent so much of their own money and their time without being able to express an opinion. There is no free and open debate amongst the Old Political elite.  You really have to be old to remember honest and entertaining exchange of views amongst people in the same political party.  That too has been outlawed.

But coming from Blackpool we were so accustomed to seeing the Labour tribes mass behind the faceless leaders who gorged themselves on free handouts and Union expenses. No doubt the Conference Centres around the country are now experiencing much more of the same.
That is the legacy of the three-party state which the United Kingdom Independence Party has to eradicate; not just for the good of the fair minded people of Britain, but for all free thinking and generous people wherever they may abide. Council by-election results are showing that there is a new energy in Britain, and that it is coming from Ukip and those prepared to think for themselves.

In Highfield we offered this alternative and the electorate chose to stay at home and watch Eastenders! Labour gloats at a miserable 27% turnout and like Nero fiddles whilst Blackpool plunges further into decline. There is no place for political parties in the rough-house of commercial enterprise other than to act as final referee. That means electing councillors who have the nous and the courage to say to the Party Mechanics that certain things are wrong. Can this be said of those who currently represent the electorate? Not in Blackpool they cannot.

Look at the other by-elections and the conclusion must be that the Lib/Dems are now dead as a political entity. Has politics disillusioned so many so severely? Yes it has. It is the trio of Cameron, Clegg and Milibrand who are to blame along with a biased BBC that gives little space to any of the groups which challenge Auntie’s left wing bias. Add to this quartet the Lib/Lab/Con trick and you have the perfect recipe for the perpetuation of self-serving and cronyistic Government.

In the Highfield Ward the council officials have chosen to make life miserable for an 85 year old character, a former Highland Regiment soldier and a genial personality much loved by his neighbours. What has the Council done? It has taken the word of a curtain peeper  with mental problems to prevent “The Veteran” from walking his miniature dogs on the grass. But just a few yards away the Council cannot or will not stop youngsters from committing criminal damage on private property because they do not feel so inclined. And on an adjacent ward the criminal occupation of property is allowed as the Council is delaying legal action against the perpetrators, who are well known Labour supporters! What does that mean in English? It means that “the Old Soldier” gets the undeserving stick of council mismanagement, while Labour’s allies do what they want and Councillors check their expenses to ensure that their pension funds are paid!

Forgive me, I forgot: the Councillors have not informed us that they can legitimately top up their pension funds through maximizing their expense claims. Now, are not expenses supposed to cover only legitimate out of pocket costs for services to the community? Not according to this legislation which all councils, understandably, keep from the public they are supposed to be serving.