Friday, 11 October 2013

Gas up another 8% and the politicians are silent

We are entering another period of Mumbo-Jumbo, where real debate is silenced by ignorance and bias, where the Schizophrenics ill-perceived angst reveals more about their inner terrors than other people’s needs who just want to get on with things.  This near institutionalised Schizophrenia, so adored by sections of the British ‘don’t do that’ element, is determined to handcuff the rest of society into believing that to do nothing will solve all our problems.  Flower power is back and blossoming in the empty heads of those who have always had more than a laissez faire attitude to reality.

This nation is running out of fuel even though we are living over centuries of coal deposits.  They want to build three million more houses without any consideration of the roads needed, the good land permanently taken out of food production, the energy required to heat these dwellings, the sewerage and waste generated and in need of disposal and all the other negative affects on an already overcrowded land.  The demand that everyone has to be home owners is part of the modern myth that this is best for society, but no-one ever mentions the fact that workers will not seek employment more that a short drive from their palaces. That immediately impacts on the working status of house owners and the ability of industry to regenerate to pay for all the goodies that the Socialists demand we give to everyone.  Strange how these champagne socialists adore and eulogise immigrants who travel thousands of mile to fill jobs that Fred Blogs wont do because he’s not got access to a car, or his backs sore, or he gets more off the Brew than he can get picking spring onions.  Nor will they address the reality that more and more MEN will pay for twenty years or more towards a home then never have the chance to live in it because of divorce or a break-up of a relationship, at which time many men are too old to be able to get another mortgage.

We live and always have lived in a time of perpetual change; it just so happens that technology is increasing the rates of change.  We can either accept it or we can go back to living in caves, of which there are insufficient in these Islands to house the 66 million inhabitants.  As Europe closes our power generating capacity, Governments ignore the possible building of modern, safe nuclear plants which use thorium.  Thorium?  Thanks to the internet you can Wiki read for yourselves.
As for FRACKING!  When Ukip invited ALL the interested parties to discuss this in the Fylde area only last year, only the fracking company Cuadrilla turned up and answered all Ukips queries.  NOT a single political figure turned up from the Conservative, Labour or Lib/Dems.  That tells you all you need to know about your elected representatives; too busy checking their expenses and counting their future pension benefits?  Well, maybe!

Protestors and future opponents to the industry forget one simple fact.  The poison spewing into the atmosphere and killing the planet comes mainly from the natural fissures, volcanoes and the likes around the world and greatly is more dangerous and toxic than all the polluting factories of Brazil, Indian, China and Indonesia put together.  Natural disasters occur all too regularly and for some reason are instantly forgotten by the Nimby brigade.  Perhaps if we stopped the socialist teachers brainwashing  the next generation with their half truths, make them teach English, mathematics and true British history, the rate of literacy will climb to an acceptable level for a country that has provided more intellectuals to the world than all others except perhaps Israel?