Sunday, 20 October 2013

Gordon has a new job?

Gordon Marsden (Blackpool South, Labour) to the Transport Committee.
I thank the Minister for clarifying, but does he not accept that there is a difference between the specific effects of the proposals? He is absolutely right to say that what is happening in the coastguard does not formally affect the RNLI or the various other services he mentions, but surely he would accept that, for good reasons or otherwise, when the area of coverage is widened, as under the proposals, there are implications for how the service is co-ordinated. The Department should be considering better ways—there are always better ways—of co-ordinating with the other services. 

Gordon Marsden goes from strength to strength. Having alienated almost all former Regular Service Personnel - soldiers to me and you - as Minister responsible for Veteran Affairs (most Vets I know are responsible for their own affairs), having achieved nothing in some obscure department on Trade or Whatever in the Region, he will now conduct microscopic examinations of our Maritime needs, Safety and Security from his office in Brighton.

Clever!  Bloody clever!  But how does that square with looking after the affairs of the Blackpool electorate from Brighton whilst condemning the Coast Guard for doing precisely that?

Crikey! I'd best be very circumspect with my language as criticism and opposition is a hanging offense under Labour.  Silly me.  He is explaining how others can't be as able as he is himself, nor as adaptable.

In a week where a topic close to Blackpool hearts was being discussed on the floor of the House, Mr Marsden was more than conspicuous by his absence.  There can be nothing more urgent than supporting Nicola Blackwood in her attempts to protect children against exploitation.  The Blackpool Labour Party has finally decided that they should dip their toes into Derby Baths and put into place measures to protect vulnerable kids.  This is a nonsense as implementation of law and untying of investigators blinds may have prevented the disappearance of local girls whilst Town Hall played silly petty games with their less admirable Tory comrades.

So back to Jobsworths Westminster:
Alan Reid (Argyll and Bute, Liberal Democrat)
I am pleased that the hon. Gentleman is highlighting these concerns. He speaks as the Labour party spokesperson, so perhaps he will tell us whether the Labour party would, if it won the next election, propose to have an ETV on the west coast?
Gordon Marsden (Blackpool South, Labour)
That is a nice try, but the hon. Gentleman knows that we cannot make commitments to future funding until we have seen the books, after the next election. He also knows that the first step in making decisions in this area is to do a proper analysis, which the Government have failed to do.
When the Government responded, initially—

If Parliament is telling each other little, how much less are they telling the electorate?