Thursday, 30 September 2010

Incompetent Brown still in Office

Not the Son of the Manse, but the one who almost destroyed the British Farming Industry. You may not remember the palls of stinking smoke drifting across the less than pristine countryside,but you bloody well ought to. Nick Brown's incompetence is so profound that it is only within the realms of incestuous political parties that he could survive. The Conservatives and Liberals are all as bad.

The country can get out of the dooh dooh but it is not by adopting someone from the Knesset.

There are intelligent Brits, if only we had the Right to say so.

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Bruiser Brown’s Boy Stays

Yesterday’s man and old time bruiser Nick Brown may be facing the rest of his career on the backbenchers, but that doesn’t mean he won’t still have a finger in the pie. His Special Advisor Gary Follis, former spinner for Alliance and Leicester and Amicus, is ultra-loyal and was the fixer’s fixer right up until the election. Out of government, Brown had to share his SpAd, and he’s been on loan to the Shadow Leader of the House – Rosie Winterton. It seems Follis will keep his job under the new Chief Whip and Brown’s old way of doing things looks set to continue…


Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Health and Safety - Out of Tune

Over done

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H&S: Now Bandsmen Must Wear Earplugs

Army bandsmen have been ordered to wear earplugs when they perform - to meet barmy health and safety rules.

All 1,100 soldier musicians must use yellow foam "ear defenders" to protect their hearing from the noise made by their

But angry bandsmen say the new rules make them play out of tune and out of time - because they can't hear the music properly. One said: "You can hardly hear yourself let alone the rest of the band. It's like listening to music underwater. Army music will be ruined for the sake of 'safety' rules."


Sunday, 26 September 2010

Cheaters cheated, perhaps.

What a farce. For those who loved that simple game of football, the result of the intrusion into the wonderful game of the lout, the miscreant and the down right foul was no more exemplified than the first goal scored at Liverpool. What the Sunderland defender said was not a back pass but was interpreted by the officials as such left Liverpool racing forward, unopposed and they scored.

It serves you all right.

Moral to this sorry story! Stop all your diving, the cheating players off the park by childish antics. Get back to basics and tell the linesman YOU kicked the ball out, and stop crying when 4 million people see you handle a ball and an official gives a free kick against you.

Football, soccer, kickball; you get what you deserve. And as long as supporters can’t stand together they do not deserve an audience.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Guido names the LIARS in high Labour

How do the electorate of Lancashire react to such accusations? They vote for those same perpetrators and the Party that produced them.

Imagine an innocent British, Blackburn victim of injustice going to their MP for help? One Minister in that Justice Ministry was fiddling expenses and another was making promises, in one case of untimely, premature death at the hands of a bailiff. But it did not stop the Minister of Justice making a natural promise of assistance that time proved he had no intention of honouring.

The Coroner has released the police report and sad similarities repeat themselves, in Lancashire, as happened in the Ian Tomlinson case in London.

The reason. London is the centre of the universe. Lawyers willing to get accelerated promotion can prove their metal close to the hub of Justice. Lancashire is on the dark side of the moon when it comes to legal services and getting action out of their labour MPs seem secondary to stealing from the Petty Cash.

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Steve Richards’s inside look at the Brown Bunker on Radio4 this morning proved what Guido was saying all along about the Prime Mentalist. It also proved what many suspected about the likes of Peter Mandelson, Ed Balls, Harriet Harman, Jack Straw, Douglas Alexander, Alan Johnson, and the Milibands . Always publicly loyal, always on message, always defending the dear leader. Always lying through their teeth…

Funny we didn’t hear Deborah Mattinson say No.10 “was an incredibly unhappy place to be” at the time. “Almost everybody in it was incredibly unhappy, and I think ultimately Gordon has to take responsibility for that, for the fact that he didn’t sort it out.” How come the staffers remained silent about the PM stuck “between rage and despair”. Alan Johnson managed to keep it quiet while in office that “You just heard every day of blood on the walls. No one could be around in politics in a senior position and not know that there were big problems over at Number 10.” There was only one place to find the truth in those dark days…


Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Council Jobsworths

Six week ago the council contracts started work on flats in the Molyneux Drive area. They are overdue, the workmanship non-existent and the flat holders have to be thankful for shoddy jobs at EU cum government cum their own money.

Lieber now have a new leader on the council and I hear more sense out of Hamid Karzai than any local councillor.

Even the ubiquitous Kensington Clanger has disappeared from local politics. Well, that's one good thing...

War of words over council cash crisis

A WAR of words has broken out over a town hall budget crisis.

Blackpool Council boss Peter Callow will tonight go head-to-head with opposition leader Simon Blackburn over plans to use financial experts Price Waterhouse Coopers after The Gazette revealed the London-based consultants had been brought in to help balance the books.

It is feared if "drastic action" is not taken the authority could lose its £6m cash reserves within a year.

Labour leader Coun Blackburn has "vigorously opposed" the plan saying in-house auditors at the council should be able to do the same job cheaper.
"Blackpool South MP Gordon Marsden, himself a front-bench opposition MP, agrees with me, just a pity Coun Blackburn doesn't."

Coun Blackburn added: "Why do we need a London-based consultants to tell us how to do the job our department has been doing very well for decades?

"Cuts have to be made and I realise this but surely by bringing in auditors they are needlessly spending money.Read more at

Sunday, 19 September 2010

All talk...

The first thing they should do,to show they mean what they say, is demand prosecution for the 200 or so MP's from the last Parliament who ought to face a Judge and Jury.

When the former Minister of Justice has been discovered using expenses to pay for his insurance on his private goods - then prison is too good for him.

The son of an immigrant fiddles whilst British children give their lives for his indulgences.

Not in my name. Enoch Powell predicted this and also said that the immigrant has no loyalty because they remain an immigrant. When they stop telling me they are British and prove it on the plains of Helmand, then I may start to believe...

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Lib Dems pledge tax avoidance crackdown

Nick Clegg launches an assault on tax cheats by promising to make people pay their "fair share", as Political Editor Gary Gibbon finds there is a sense of unease but not revolt at the Liberal Democrat party conference.

Liberal Democrats pledge tax avoidance crackdown during the party conference (Getty)

The Lib Dem leader and deputy prime minister said today the coalition would come down "as hard on tax cheats as on benefits cheats" as it seeks to recoup £7bn a year currently being dodged.

Funding will be made available for HM Revenue & Customs to increase criminal prosecutions for tax evasion five-fold, with a dedicated team of investigators created to catch those hiding money offshore.


Dementia, an international scourge

I implore you to take a few minutes and read the Canadian article carefully. This could affect someone you know, someone you love.

It gives no secret remedies but a small insight to what to expect and what you can do.

When a stranger says your loved one is showing signs of the illness, do not push it aside. That remark may save your loved one from an awful future and you from the guilt cause by not knowing. The article continues: As well as learning practical things, such as changing continence pads, he says, people require training in problem-solving and, in many cases, psychological support.

Caregiving puts enormous emotional and financial strain on families. New research shows that nearly 40 per cent of people show signs of distress, ranging from depression to rage. Many are simple overwhelmed.

That stress can be mitigated with good education and access to resources, says Howard Bergman, a professor of geriatric medicine at McGill University who led an expert committee that produced a much-lauded report on dementia care for the Quebec government.

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Why Canada needs a national strategy on dementia

Donna Macdiarmid of Lakeville Corner, N.B., cares for her husband Roger, 70, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease in 2001 and who now lives at Pine Grove Seniors Home in Fredericton.

Our health system is woefully unprepared for the oncoming crisis. So today, The Globe and Mail presents a seven-point plan to grapple with it.

Solution one: Keep people at home as long as possible

“Nobody wants their grandma in a nursing home,” says Neena Chappell, the Canada Research Chair in Social Gerontology and a professor in the Centre on Aging at the University of Victoria.

Solution six: Teach Canadians to keep their brains in good health

Furthermore, he says, having a healthy cardiovascular system – by, for example, limiting salt intake to control blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, maintaining a healthy weight and not smoking – is the way to prevent vascular dementia.


Friday, 17 September 2010

Pope hunters

I have it on good authority that the five are the Rt Rev Iron Parsley, his son Iron Parsley II, both of that village of Westminster Bent, John Jock Knox, Henry Tudor and a flatlands farmer by the name of Ollie Cromwell. Lawyers for the last three say they are ghost charges and the police have nothing to hold on them. Rev Parsley could be heard whispering "No surrender" in Glasgow as police placed him in holy cells in isolate Canterbury for the polices protection.

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Metropolitan Police Service - Working together for a safer London
Latest News

Five arrested under Terrorism Act

At approximately 5.45am today, 17 September 2010, five men were arrested by officers from the MPS Counter Terrorism Command on suspicion of the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.The men, aged 26, 27, 36, 40, and 50, were arrested under the Terrorism Act 2000 at business premises in central London.The men have been taken to a central London police station where they will be interviewed by detectives.Searches are being carried out under the Terrorism Act 2000 at: a business premises in central London and residential premises in north and east London. Initial searches have not uncovered any hazardous items.Today’s arrests were made after police received information. Following initial inquiries by detectives a decision was made to arrest the five men.Following today’s arrests the policing arrangements for the Papal visit were reviewed and we are satisfied that our current policing plan remains appropriate. The itinerary has not changed. There is no change to the UK threat level.

Bulletin 0000001968 17 September 2010


Former MP Shahid Malik should be prosecuted

This man insulted the integrity and behaviour of HM Armed Forces in Ulster and fellow MP Gordon Marsden of Blackpool South, would not even raise the issue with this crook albeit that he had responsibility for Veteran Affairs.

They say you get what you wish for. For those who wished 13 years of such a corrupt regime on the honest people of these islands, you now reap the wind your politics sewed.

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Justice minister Shahid Malik claimed for insuring wife's £8,000 ring

Shahid Malik claimed £235 on his second home allowances to pay insurance
premiums for the engagement ring belonging to Sundus Sheikh.

Sundhus Sheikh wearing the £8,000 ring her husband claimed on expenses

Sundhus Sheikh wearing the £8,000 ring her husband claimed on expenses
Photo: REX

MPs were supposed to claim only those expenses "wholly, exclusively and
necessarily incurred" to enable them to live away from their main home
for work purposes.


Forces redundancies coming fast

The debate is needed now. It has to be FULL, OPEN and HONEST.

Do we want defence? If we do which comes first, the Wendy Lewis and Karen Matthews alliances, or the needs of those who give towards our Nation, their families and especially their children?

We spend a fortune on the former and allow the shiny trousers brigade to humiliate the latter.

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War heroes are to be secretly sacked on the cheap as they fight on the frontline, The Sun newspaper has revealed.

The Army is planning to select soldiers for the chop while they serve out in Afghanistan.

But the troops will be told only after they return home from tough tours of duty.

But many others will be booted out under controversial regulations which were shelved years ago and have been quietly reintroduced. The system known as Manning Control Points, or MCP, will see troops given only a one-off cash sum and lose pension money.

MCP was stopped in 2002 after a flurry of court cases and fears it could be illegal - but resurrected in the last days of the Labour government. Many soldiers targeted for the axe will have young families.


Thursday, 16 September 2010

Walter Down Under

For the followers of these characters, this latest Bootneck to emerge as not a genuine cabbage-head is laughable if it was not so serious. Read of our own at or at

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Editorial: Hiring 'Walter Mitty' figure beyond belief

Stephen Wilce. Photo / Supplied
Stephen Wilce. Photo / Supplied

It is not uncommon for job-hunters to succumb to temptation and doctor their curricula vitae.

Usually, this involves ratcheting up a university degree or overstating a former salary. When the job in question is run of the mill, no obvious harm may be done.

Mr Wilce resigned this week after allegations that he falsified his CV. He had been the subject of an inquiry since a complaint from a whistleblower in July. For five years he had headed the agency, which advises the military and the Government on technology and scientific matters.

He was also, according to comments that he made to a reporter posing as a recruitment consultant, the holder of a distinguished military record with the Royal Marines and a member of the British Olympic bobsleigh team in the 1980s.

Earlier this year, another senior public servant, Immigration Service head Mary Anne Thompson, was fined $10,000 and ordered to do 100 hours of community work for falsely claiming to hold a doctorate from the London School of Economics.


Terrorism in Ulster

For most observers, especially those who served in the Province, the back slapping farce led by arch angel Blair and echoed through the corridors of Westminster has come a full circle.

The wishes and aspirations of the Nationalists will be met with the complete capitulation of the Prodestant people of Ireland. 400 years and we have the protector of paedophilia welcomed by the Queen as over the water plotter scheme their final acts of revenge on the BRITISH.

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Terror Groups ‘Will Gain Strength’

With the Provisional IRA’s declaration of a ceasefire 16 years ago, the subsequent breakthroughs in the Northern Ireland peace process and the ongoing moves to normalisation, the darks days of the Troubles are fading in the memory.

Academics watching the emerging terrorist threat broadly agree that it is likely to get worse in the years to come. They believe groups are becoming better organised, attracting those who were active during the Troubles and are dissatisfied with the peace process – and who have bomb making expertise.

“My view is that this problem is going to get bigger and more serious over the next two years, although it will not be anything like it was two decades ago,” Richard English, Professor of Politics at the University of Belfast, told

But Prof English believes that the latest situation carries specific issues for terrorists and the police. In particular, he believes that a new generation of dissident Republicans, who do not remember the 1970s and 80s, are in circulation – and that they are prone to recklessness as they have no idea of the revulsion created by the worst atrocities of the Troubles.

As a relatively young force, the PSNI is having to square up to this challenge without any significant backing from the Army. In a complex operating environment where they are actively being targeted by terrorists, officers will need to continue to show the dedication, resilience and bravery they have shown in the face of a growing threat.


Monday, 13 September 2010


As the believers get down on their knees and genuflect, how many will remember the millions of victims?

When I was a small child, I was off school because I had broken my leg. On the short walk from my grandfather's place of work to home, I was accosted by a Catholic priest and ran home terrified. My Catholic grandmother went ballistic and it was the first time I ever saw an ordinary person put a pompous arsehole into place.

I would like to do exactly the same with His Holiness on behalf of his victims.

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Papal visit: clerical sex abuse victims speak out

"The Church took away my childhood and I can't take that back," says Sue Cox.

Ms Cox was molested by a priest on the day before her Catholic confirmation at the age of 10 and, three years later, the same priest raped her, she told the BBC.

She told her mother, a staunch Catholic who was "priest-obsessed" and chose to ignore the episode.

Cross in St Peter's Square, Rome
The clerical sex abuse scandal has radically undermined the Vatican's authority

That was 50 years ago. The priest in question has since died, and his order, the Sacred Heart Fathers, has paid Ms Cox £25,000 in compensation.


Charity begins...

From the Charities Commission to the charities themselves, brief investigation reveals a side that does not collate with the title CHARITY.

So when you give your hard earned dosh, you ought to know how it is being spent. Don't ask a politician, they are in another trough...

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Story Image

The CDC was set up after the war to invest in the world’s poorest countries. It has access to Government funds of £2.5billion.

For the past 15 years, the CDC says it has been “self-financing”. It is owned by the Department for International Development, but any profits it makes are “reinvested” in its projects. It has been criticised for departing from its original remit by targeting the rapidly growing economies of China and India.

Last night the department confirmed that International Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell had launched an “urgent review” of the situation.

John Hilary, executive director of the charity War on Want, said: “CDC has completely abandoned its mandate of poverty reduction in favour of wealth creation. It is a travesty.” However, Miriam de Lacy, the CDC’s communications director, said: “The expenses we incur are reasonable.”


Bible story!

Stop reading those holy (sic) books and get your head round facts. America, Ireland, Belgium and Britain, just to shame a few countries who give lip service to goodness and turn a blind eye to the sad reality.

And you expect me to subsidise a tour by the head paedophile protector?

Go to Hell!!!!

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Catholic Church in Belgium opens new abuse probe

(CNN) -- The Catholic Church is Belgium is due Monday to open a fresh investigation into the abuse of children by priests, a spokesman for the Conference of Belgian Bishops said.

The commission said it received about 500 reports from alleged victims, about 60 percent of them from males.

It cited 320 alleged abusers, of whom 102 were known to have been clergy members from 29 congregations.

Thirteen of the alleged victims committed suicide, it said.

Investigators had information about when the abuse started for 233 of the alleged victims. Forty-eight were 12; one was 2; five were 4; eight were 5; seven were 6; 10 were 7.


Sunday, 12 September 2010

Scum Dancing in Blackpool

The first two contestants have been announced as the lovely Karen Matthews, the Social Experiment from West Yorkshire, soon to be renamed the Second Punjab. It is thought that she is to be partnered with Lord Longford if they can dig him up. Otherwise she will be paired with a life-sized effigy of the head of Social Services OR Professor Nota Fu Kin Kloo of the Liberal Think Tank Plankers Have Votes.

Mother of the decade Karen, after beauty treatment.

Her prime competitor is that local lovely Wendy Lewis, who did not go with her ‘Bruvva’ Steev Van to Costa Crime “cos the drugs not supplied by the Spanitch Healff Serfices”. She wants to partner Councillor Major Holdsnothin so she can rub her tits across his campaign medals. An interesting combination.

Larger than life sex Queen Wendy practising on a plastic cup.

Their leading protagonist could be TV personality Swedish Trollop who is again recovering in a mental institute where her Tall Dark Partner is an inmate with something called Bipolar – and that’s not a save the White Bear Charity. It is said he only assaults her when she get too close because the lines on her face looks like a map of London Underground where he spent his yooff assaulting Pearly Queens.

Problems arose when the Sally Army Band lost the music and Anne Withacomb took the train to Scarborough. Also Paul and Daniel disappeared and Billy Beau Mount is believed to be caught in the scrum of illumination traffic. But the night was a raging success when the venue went up in smoke and the BB and C hope to be able to claim insurance through BCCI.

Killed Bolton soldier named

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Soldier shot in Afghanistan who died in UK named

Darren Deady
Kingsman Darren Deady died in hospital in the UK

The soldier, from 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, was shot in southern Afghanistan on 23 August named as Kingsman Darren Deady..

The 22-year-old, from Bolton, died in hospital on Friday.


Saturday, 11 September 2010

Casualty 335

Add this brave sole to the thousands of American, Australian, Canadian, German, Danish, Polish, Ukrainian and forgive me, the other nationalities who are dying for I do not know what.

A country that will revert back to itself the instant the troops go home.

And my MP didn't have the decency to attend the debate in Westminster. No wonder he never had my vote.

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UK soldier dies from Afghanistan gunshot injuries

UK soldier in Afghanistan (Library)
A total of 335 British military personnel have now been killed in Afghanistan

The soldier, from 2nd Battalion, The Duke of Lancaster's Regiment, was shot in the south of Afghanistan.

He died from his wounds in a British hospital on Friday, the Ministry of Defence revealed.

Lt Col James Carr-Smith, spokesman for Task Force Helmand, said: "It is with great sadness I must inform you that a soldier died of his wounds yesterday.


Friday, 10 September 2010

Lancashire man KIA gets honour from Earby


Earby comes to standstill for soldier's funeral

RESPECT: The hearse in Earby this morning

RESPECT: The hearse in Earby this morning

TEARS of sadness were lost among the rain as Earby came to a standstill for its fallen hero soldier today.

The heavens opened for the full military funeral of Lance Corporal Jordan Bancroft at All Saints Church, Earby, on Friday, almost three
weeks since he died in a gunfight on a security operation in Afghanistan.

Dad Tony told the congregation Jordan was going to propopse to Lauren after his tour.

He said: "Not only has Jordan been robbed of life itself, but also robbed of giving life.

"Jordan would have made a fantastic father to some fantastic children.


Is this man fit for office?

The question stands as the in-tray into the MoJ grows more incredulous each day.

I have information that letters sent to him personally, in his capacity as a Minister, are not being attended to.

Is this the mandarins relieving his work-load, or is the office so tenuous that the legacy of the past Governments deceit is now weighing too heavy on an under-financed department?

One thing is certain, the openness that David Cameron promised from the opposition's bench has not materialised. There is a firm opinion that the in house bureaucrats do Justice no service.

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Jonathan Djanogly: The justice minister, the sleuths and the 'conspiracy' to oust him

Jonathan Djanogly: The justice minister, the sleuths and the 'conspiracy' to oust him
Mr Djanogly, a multi-millionaire solicitor, employed the private detectives after facing accusations last July over his Parliamentary expenses claims.

Investigators employed by Mr Djanogly used subterfuge to trick several people, including the MP’s constituency agent, into discussing their concerns about the politician.

Their findings were set out in a private report sent to the Huntingdon MP in July 2009 which concluded that aides in his local party believed he was a poor politician and had lied over his expenses claims, through which he paid more than £13,000 for a cleaner who also acted as his children’s au pair.

The disclosure will lead to serious questions over Mr Djanogly’s judgment and
ongoing tenure as a minister in the Justice Department. He was appointed by
David Cameron in May.

The Information Commissioner, which is overseen by Mr Djanogly’s department,
has raised concerns over the activities of firms similar to that employed by the minister.


Thursday, 9 September 2010

Seeking our MP

Gordon Marsden, MP for Blackpool South, where are you?

Gisela Stuart, that noisy German from Birmingham, could attend and speak. Where is the former representative for Veteran Affairs? Not shouting loud for the families of dead Blackpool warriors.
If anyone finds Mr Marsden will you tell him is absence is noted.

Aussie PM attends Blackpool mans' funeral

In Australia the Prime Minister can and does attend the funeral of former Blackpool man Tomas Dale. On behalf of Blackpool former soldiers I thank the wonderful people of Australia.

David Cameron, take note

Military farewell to tragic soldier

Pte Thomas Dale’s comrades formed a guard of honour and drummers led the procession of his coffin

Pte Tomas Dale’s comrades formed a guard of honour and drummers led the procession of his coffin
Click on thumbnail to view image

The heartbroken family of tragic Blackpool soldier Pte Tomas Dale bid a final farewell to their "hero" as he was laid to rest.
Blackpool relatives who had flown over for the funeral were joined by Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard along with friends and colleagues at Centennial Park in Adelaide.
The 21-year-old's parents Karen and David and brothers Sam and Joe gathered yesterday at the poignant ceremony in Australia, where he had emigrated with his family from Marton aged 14. Read more at

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Pension slashed from hero's widow

Acting, serious, local - words that mean nothing to Mr Civvy and less to a promotion hungry/expectant soldier.

It is only in WAR that the Forces can use prolonged local cum acting rank. During WWII the majority of all ranks above private and below Lieutenant were acting ranks. Immediately on discharge their ranks were recorded and gazetted as private. It is hard to explain that this archane ranking structure but even in light of monetary restictions it should be abolished. It takes a strange personality to say to the Major Blimp across the table that unless they are serious about promoting one, then they should continue doing their duty as the rank paid for.

That was then, this is now and it shows what heroes are worth. £20 less than very little.

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THE widow of a hero sergeant has been told to live off a corporal's pension -
to save the nation £20 a week.

Dated MoD regulations allow Sgt Matty Telford's pension to be slashed because
he served in the rank for less than a year.

Fallen hero ... with wife Kerry
Fallen hero ... with wife Kerry

And if it wasn't for Matty's promotion, the Grenadier Guardsman, 37, would
probably not have been at a Helmand checkpoint five months later in November
when an Afghan cop shot dead five soldiers.