Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Dog will send down his wrath and wash away those WMD that never were.

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At the Mosul Dam, Iraq - The largest dam in Iraq is in serious danger of an
imminent collapse that could unleash a trillion-gallon wave of water, possibly
killing thousands of people and flooding two of the largest cities in the country,
according to new assessments by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and other U.S.
Even in a country gripped by daily bloodshed, the possibility of a catastrophic
failure of the Mosul Dam has alarmed American officials, who have concluded
that it could lead to as many as 500,000 civilian deaths by drowning Mosul under
65 feet of water and parts of Baghdad under 15 feet, said Abdulkhalik Thanoon
Ayoub, the dam manager. "The Mosul dam is judged to have an unacceptable
annual failure probability," in the dry wording of an Army Corps of Engineers
draft report.
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Perhaps this will get that born again Christian President George ? Bush Jnr out of the sh*t.
In the White House, you can hear them all praying for rain, a possible earth tremor and some seismic intervention, with a little help from DOG –it’s awful being dikalekandsick but convenient.
Oh Lord, wash away all unsubstantiated evidence of WMD, all non-born again Christians, all nuclear scientists who are not American, all Iranians, all the Middle East, the Far East, the Near East and the no so East East, and allow us to get on getting fatter and more stupid in our American way. Amen

Even American families having trouble getting Justice?

The family of an American soldier killed in Iraq when a private security vehicle collided with his 5-ton truck is suing the security company in U.S. federal court claiming gross negligence.
The British private company, Erinys, has made more than $150 million in Iraq and has contracts to protect the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, according to the lawsuit filed by the father of Army Spc. Christopher T. Monroe.
Though an Erinys team had been warned that Monroe's Army convoy was ahead and was told to proceed with caution, the team was traveling fast in the dark with headlights off when the collision occurred, the lawsuit contends.
An armored Suburban struck Monroe and his truck, tearing off Monroe's right leg and throwing him 30 to 40 feet in the air, causing fatal injuries, the suit states.
"Christopher fought valiantly for his life for almost two hours and after receiving emergency care from his fellow soldiers, he died on a Medavac helicopter en route to Shalib Airbase," the lawsuit states.
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Instead of suing an independent company, would not the family be better served by suing President Bush and his cohorts - which includes the British parliament - for their illegal activities in a sovereign state?

Tuesday, 30 October 2007

More lies unveiled.

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Immigration figures still don't add up

Andrew Neil with Jenny Scott
Andrew Neil with Daily Politics co-presenter Jenny Scott

And his minister, Caroline Flint, said this morning she would like to "acknowledge" that this makes up 8% of the workforce.
So this means of the 2.7m "new jobs" created under Labour since 1997, some 40% have gone to foreigners. So there we are. End of story.

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It is getting monotonous, the manner and regularity of Labour's Jackals completely unable to answer their detractors or inquisitors. If we are increasingly wealthy due to immigrants, why then are waiting lists still too long for NHS treatment? Why cannot we be told exactly how much an immigrant family cost in schools, health, housing, services? Why cannot young service persons, prison officers, police officers, teachers, graduates get on the property ladder? Labours implied dream is in reality a nightmare, a lie of unparalleled proportion which affects the gullible, the poor, the weakest the most.
In most countries around the world immigrants do not get immediate access to services that indigenous people have taken eons to attain. In the USA, the wealthiest nation on Earth, immigrants, like Americans of all creeds, pay for everything.
Is it not reasonable to say that an intelligent discussion on the subject cannot be had while the Government hides all the figures related to the subject?

Rogue_gunner is at it again.

notareargunner says

What people do not understand is that he cares, he was there and he is a trier. Gud on yer Tony. Have a good trip to the Falklands and come back eager to carry on. Do not stop hating this awful government, your instincts are right. Soon you will discover how awful the other lot is as well.

Bob Marshall-Andrews QC

I thoroughly detest the envy and small mindedness of the Labour Party - with several exceptions. The resignation from the next General Elections of Bob Marshall-Andrews QC is a body blow to democracy. No doubt Labour will import one of their baying hounds into this constituency and dogma will elect an intellectual midget to replace a giant.

Freedom to Read

What is a book? A Book is a collection of words written on paper. It should be thought provoking, challenging. If hate is promoted, it should be challenged and exposed. Unfortunately, the illiterate Mullahs now infesting this once great nation dare not have their ignorance and bigotry challenged. Why not?

Lessons in hate found at leading mosques

Books calling for the beheading of lapsed Muslims, ordering women to remain
indoors and forbidding interfaith marriage are being sold inside some of
Britain’s leading mosques, according to research seen by The Times.

Extremist literature, including passages supporting the stoning of adulterers
and waging violent jihad, was also found on sale at many other mosques
regarded as mainstream institutions.

One book, Fatawa Islamiyah, which urges the execution of apostates, was found
in bookshops at Regent’s Park mosque and at the huge East London mosque in
Whitechapel. Muhammad Abdul Bari, the secretary-general of the Muslim
Council of Britain (MCB), is the chairman of the East London mosque.

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When lies are given as incompetence

To all you who voted this immoral regime into office - please read.

What is most galling is that the Eton Mafia is probably no better! If St. David smoked sh*t it has probably caused his loss of memory.
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Immigration underestimated by 300,000

By James Kirkup and Gary Cleland

The Government has apologised after admitting it underestimated the number of immigrant workers in Britain by almost a quarter.

Peter Hain, the Work and Pensions Secretary, conceded that 300,000 foreign citizens working in Britain had been left out of official statistics.
Some 1.1 million people from abroad have taken jobs in Britain since 1997, the Government said, meaning immigrants have taken 40.7 per cent of the 2.7 million new jobs created over the period..

Liam Byrne, the immigration minister, admitted that officials still do not know where the foreign workers come from.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, which campaigns against mass immigration said that 300,000 is equivalent to “the entire city of Coventry”.

“It is impossible to have a sensible discussion on immigration if the government keeps getting its figures hopelessly wrong,” he said.

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A minor victory.
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A large dose of morale in the form of parcels and letters has just landed at the British Forces' main base in Afghanistan courtesy of the Royal Mail's new free postal service.

Royal Mail recently waived the charges for families to deliver post to the British Forces Post Office depot in North London until Christmas.

WO1 Shaun Williams sorts the mail with his colleagues [Picture: Corporal Jon Bevan RLC]. Opens in a new window.

In addition to the traditional postal service, British forces personnel and their families are increasingly using the free 'e-bluey' system, an internet-based system for sending letters home. Messages are typed into a dedicated e-bluey terminal, or via the internet, enabling 'letters' to be created for emailing between theatre and the UK before being printed off as standard blueys, and dropped in the post.

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Monday, 29 October 2007

Muslim Minister stopped at American customs

Perhaps this well spoken mouthpiece for the Labour Government will start to understand the disgrace his words impacted on veterans, British subjects who laid their lives on the line for his freedoms of speech, when he described the sacrifice of hundreds of soldiers and thousands of fellow citizens as "irrelevant".
At least we do not plot sedition or murder on our fellow subjects, unlike many of his constituents.
Or is that a lie, a conspiracy against the ancient Yorkist enemy.
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Minister detained at US airport
Shahid Malik
The international development minister was stopped and searched at Washington DC's Dulles airport after a series of meetings on tackling terrorism.
On that occasion he had been a keynote speaker at an event organised by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), alongside the FBI and Muslim organisations, to talk about tackling extremism and defeating terrorism.
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Alarming Rise In Defence Force Drug Use

Not in my day!
We were too busy getting pissed on grog, smoking ourselves into an early grave on Blue Liners, frightening the world on two cans of export pale ale per day. I suppose I might have tried something harder if there were tight buttocked Officers flaunting their feminine bodies down the Burma Road. You'd have had no problem getting volunteers as Flunkies, especially Pig Sh*thouse Duties. Old Arthur and Oggie would have sniffed the veneer off the toilet seats. Me, I supposed I would have contented myself with the occasional lick.
No such luck! We had to reserve our devotions to stokers.
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Alarming Rise In Defence Force Drug Use

Eighteen members of the Armed Forces test positive for drugs each each week, it has been revealed.

A British troop in Iraq

However, Tory MP and former soldier Patrick Mercer said the figures reflected pressures on soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"They are facing very difficult situations and then they are being given less and less time for 'decompression' before they have to go back into theatre."

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Inquest in Oxford

Not satisfactory.
Not only has the MoD prevaricated and caused this heroes family untold misery, but they, and I know it's compulsory, have to hold the inquest a country length away from Gordon Gentle's home and family.
One would have thought that the Government had learned and ordered the MoD to get it's act together. Instead, they are good at ordering ill-equipped troop into illegal conflicts with no exit strategy, then looking after the welfare of troops and families - they again are clueless.
The electorates fault?
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Fusilier death inquest to be held
Gordon Gentle
Gordon Gentle, of the 1st Battalion Royal Highland Fusiliers, was killed by a roadside bomb in Basra in 2004.
The 19-year-old's mother, Rose, has been a vocal critic of the conflict in Iraq and campaigned unsuccessfully for an inquiry into the war's legality.
She said she hoped the inquest would reveal "the truth" of her son's death.
"We've not been told a lot by the Ministry of Defence, just that he was killed by a roadside bomb.
The Gentle family have said they believed the blast which killed the soldier was triggered remotely and the attack could have been prevented if his vehicle had been fitted with the right equipment.
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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Engage Brain - unless you've been frightened by a big bang lately.

A bootneck goes to the supermarket and notices an attractive woman waving at him. She says hello. He's rather taken aback because he can't place where he knows her from. So he says, "Do you know me?"

To which she replies, "I think you're the father of one of my kids."

Now his mind travels back to the only time he has ever been unfaithful to his wife and says, "Are you the stripper from my bachelor party that I made love to on the snooker table with all my oppos watching while your partner whipped my bottom with wet celery???"

She looks into his eyes and says calmly, "No, I'm your son's teacher."

Britain's blind side of knife crime

People have been telling MP's for years that things are getting worse - but they ignore them.
Political cowardice have made our streets empty of the old and disabled at certain hours of the day.
MP's will do nothing except increase their own wages, pensions and expense claims, and the mindless minority who now vote will carry on voting for them.
Voters, do something constructive. Write across your ballot papers that none of the mentioned are fit for Parliament. Make democracy work.
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A knife crime every 24 minutes

The terrifying scale of knife crime in Britain is laid bare today in unpublished figures obtained by The Mail on Sunday.

An exclusive study of statistics from 37 police forces reveals that, in just three months of this year, almost 5,500 serious crimes involving knives were committed - or one every 24 minutes, around the clock.

Inevitably the areas worst affected are the major cities of London, Manchester and Birmingham, while other urban forces, including West Yorkshire, Merseyside and Northumbria, are also included in a knife-crime "top ten".

Shadow Home Secretary David Davis said: "These shocking figures betray the desperate state of violent crime under this Government.

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TV mania?

Bully One in the limelight?

Vile Jeremy Kyle preyed on me
when I was just 16

  • PLEADED for her to dress up in school
    uniform for him,
  • CONFESSED he was pleasuring himself
    as he fantasised about it,
  • ADMITTED he was turned on by the
    fact she was a virgin,
  • CALLED her for phone sex as she
    walked home from school,
  • INVITED her to a swingers' party,
  • GROPED her intimately in his car
    and murmured: "I want to do you..."
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    Banned Presidential interview - thank to YouTube

    You be the Judge.
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    Saturday, 27 October 2007

    MoD under attack again.

    In my local club, a drunk, a thing who has never worked in his fifty odd years, berated the Army, the Queen and all the institutions that allows him to exist in his drink induced utopia.
    I cannot get assistance for former soldiers who have fallen on bad times, but the world and this country is overflowing with the Liberal minded do-gooders who critisise me and Rogue_gunner, but do absolutely nothing for former soldiers.
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    MoD criticised at 'friendly fire' inquest

    A coroner criticised the Ministry of Defence yesterday for withholding information on the shooting of a soldier killed by "friendly fire" in Iraq.

    Andrew Walker, the Oxfordshire assistant deputy coroner, said the family of Cpl John Cosby had to "fight every step of the way" for documents surrounding his death in Basra last year.

    Cpl Cosby, 28, of the Devon and Dorset Light Infantry, was shot in the head as his platoon raided a house. The inquest at Oxford Old Assizes has heard it was believed the fatal shot was fired by Cpl Dean Newark, of the Royal Anglian Regiment, who was returning fire from an Iraqi insurgent.

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    MoD follows American lead, again.

    For the first time, the MoD gives indication that wounds other than blood injuries are worth investigation.
    Where have they been for the past century as even the dizziest of blonds can see mental trauma in people, especially those having once been involved in violence.
    Why cannot they see a correlation between the high number of former servicemen who are homeless, alcoholic or mentally ill - including PTSD?
    Do they only care because the Americans care for their Vets?
    Training was once so intense so that they could be reasonably sure that a soldier completing training had sufficient fibre to do what they had to do, to face the gore and unpleasantness of soldiering.
    Instead, we have an ipod minded Parliament which is more interested in Political Correctness irrespective of the realities of life. Do politicians never listen to the Old Chiefs who scream that discipline has gone down with the fleet and that PC is no good at SEA?
    Mild traumatic brain injury! That’s what the electorate seem to exhibit at election times.
    What about the lads and lasses who served in previous conflicts?
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    MoD surveys brain injuries in returning troops

    The Ministry of Defence has launched a major investigation into whether troops returning from Iraq and Afghanistan have brain injuries amid fears that as many as 20,000 could be suffering damage after being exposed to high velocity explosions.

    The move comes after fears in the US army that as many as 20 per cent of soldiers could be suffering from the condition, which US experts have called a "signature injury" of the Iraq conflict.

    In July, the US army launched a programme to combat TBI and post-traumatic stress disorder in soldiers returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.

    Nevertheless, the MoD intends to fully roll out its self-assessment programme - which is currently being trialed in Iraq and Afghanistan - in the new year.

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    Friday, 26 October 2007

    A Country worth dying for?

    Politicians are still paying lip service to the woes of society without the slightest idea or courage for challenging these misguided concepts.
    Prisons are full - with over 11,000 foreign prisoners.
    Solution, open up Rockall and place the most dangerous, the future WPC murderers, the rapists, the peoples traffickers etcetera there.
    Shortage of plumbers and builders - put every sixteen year old who is unemployed on a training scheme and do not allow them to finish until they have qualified. Also teach them to say please, thank you and mean it.
    Teach every child under the age of six to socialize. This has numerous affects. Firstly, they are not disruptive in school. They feel better in themselves. They feel better with others.
    Teach every parent that with their rights comes responsibility; not only to their children, but to society as a whole.
    Teach society that bullying is unacceptable. It is sad that even the most respected of Charities believe they can bully their way through. Look at the way they use their VIP status to intimidate opposition, by using high ranking officers to 'lean' on former junior ranks. Worse, look at the RAF insisting on Courts Martial for Flight Lieutenant Dr Malcolm Kendall-Smith and denying him the defence of an illegal act on behalf of the government. It appears, on the surface, a complete U'turn from the Nuremberg defence.

    Shahid Malik MP - Dewsbury, Yorkshire

    Total£185,421 (1st) expenses for 2006?
    Read all
    This is the MP who described the sacrifices of the military in Ulster over 30 years as "irrelevant" but seems to be surprisingly reticent to talk about his constituents who went on a murder rampage of Britain, and rumour has it are planning further attacks on the country. That is if you believe police sources who say there are 1600 terrorists cells active in the UK.
    Maybe the Labour voters of Dewsbury should be asking more telling questions, or is this a classic example of dogma?
    As a Lancastrian I have an ancient Right to be wary of my Yorkist enemy. So why are the immigrants so incensed with Malik and his ilk?

    Thursday, 25 October 2007

    Former MP's getting their just deserts?

    There is no gloating over the demise of those who have never shown an ounce of concern for those who looked after the Nation, servicemen. With one third of homeless former servicemen AND WOMEN, ten years of trying to place this problem at the fore of public consciousness leaves me cold. Suddenly there is an awareness that injured soldiers are being neglected by the people they serve.
    A famous politician was close by, then a soldier, when a comrade was severely injured by a nail bomb, on the Ardoynne in Belfast. The whole concern then was for the most severely injured- the CO. Those close by with superficial wounds just went on with their work under a hail of petrol bombs, gelignite bombs and arms fire. The fact that the unit had been denied a right to react now seems laughable,especially with regards to the American reactions to violence perpetrated against them.
    What concerns me is that I cannot remember the name of the skipper, though is face looms large in my memory. I also remember his lovely wife with affection and respect that comes only with regret that we did not do more for her and her husband.
    In a quiet moment, my politician friend, we were in a lift going up to his office at Westminster, told me that this wonderful woman cared for her highly disabled husband in almost total isolation, in a remote cottage in the depths of Cornwall.
    My Old CO deserves all the consideration a Nation can give. MP's have forfeited any consideration by neglecting their remit to hold Government to account on YOUR behalf.
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    The unemployables: How our former MPs struggle to find work

    The study said employers have little use for former MPs - and some take more than a year to find a job.

    And those who do manage to find work often complain that they do not earn as much as they did in Westminster. Others sulk about losing the perks of the Commons.

    A careers advice company cited in the report warned that a high percentage of former MPs 'were commercially unemployable at senior management level'.

    One in three of the 180 MPs polled for the report, called Life After Losing Or Leaving, were given public jobs after leaving the Commons.

    "Some former MPs struggled to find work and many earned less after leaving the House of Commons," said the report by Professor Kevin Theakston and his team at Leeds University.

    "Just one fifth said they were able to find work immediately or almost immediately. One in seven took a year to find employment.

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    Wednesday, 24 October 2007

    Honour Killers

    The most telling comment was made by an Accrington police liaison officer who said that it was emotional murder ignored perpetrated on women all over this country, ignore by both societies.
    What mentality decides that intelligent woman in this country should be forced into a marriage with someone from an alien culture, and worst of all a first cousin of lesser intelligence?
    The Freudian slip was a witness describing a rescuer as white and English.
    There are laws to protect children, but not, it appears, enforced across the country.
    How does one comfort Caneze Riaz’s brother and his family? By enforcing English Law and demanding that aliens abide by England’s ancient standards.
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    Man killed family in house arson
    Caneze Riaz, 39, and daughters Sayrah, Sophia, Alicia and Hannah were trapped as the fire swept through their house in Accrington, Lancashire, last year.
    Mohammed Riaz
    Blackburn coroner Michael Singleton recorded verdicts of unlawful killing for Mrs Riaz and her daughters and a verdict of suicide for Mr Riaz.
    He said: "I am satisfied that on November 1, 2006, while at his home address, Mohammed Riaz started a fire at those premises, making no attempt to leave.
    Recording his verdicts, Mr Singleton said: "With respect to the four girls and Mrs Caneze I am satisfied that the injury that caused their deaths was the inhalation of the products of combustion."
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    Somalia is too dangerous?

    11,000 criminals in British jails from foreign countries.
    One who ought to be in prison is said to be hiding in a dangerous country, Somalia.
    Because of the actions of this alleged murderer, should it not be time that the Government rented a couple of tied up Fleetwood trawlers and take all Somali refugees back to their dangerous refuge?
    The article reads..." Home Office officials agreed it would be unfair to send him back to the war-torn country and Jama was allowed back on the streets. Six months later, he is alleged to have been part of the robbery gang which mercilessly gunned down unarmed WPC Sharon Beshenivsky during a bungled robbery in Bradford."
    This criminal was released onto the streets of UK even though he was a convicted criminal.
    ‎‎'WPC Murder Suspect In Somalia'‎‎

    London, May 4, 2006 – The scandal over the released foreign convicts deepened last night after it emerged fugitive police killer Mustaf Jama is thought be in his native Somalia.

    In an extraordinary irony, it is believed the robber is hiding in his homeland, just 12 months after Home Office officials ruled it was 'too dangerous' for him to be deported there. When Jama, 26, and his family arrived in Britain from Somalia in the early 1990s, they sought asylum claiming they were in danger of being shot by a rival tribe in their homeland.
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    Tuesday, 23 October 2007

    There was obstruction in investigation

    One had t listen very carefully but the truth came out.
    By omission, the Commons Select Committee was informed that certain bodies obstructed the investigation, but the protocols meant that the offenders could not be named.
    If we had a Parliament worth a penny, the MPs should be up in arms and demanding that they, as the highest Court in the Land, be informed precisely which body it is?
    Naturally, this will not happen.
    When you have politicians who dare to lecture former soldiers on terrorism when their only experience was to have..."been within two hundred yards of a bomb in London", then it is little wonder that they have dropped below car salesmen in the respect league.
    Why is this important?
    Because it was this same corrupt regime that sent soldiers to fight in an illegal war in Iraq.
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    The cash-for-honours police chief defends his probe - but says he received "less than full cooperation".
    John Yates

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    Remember Hicks, the Australian reportedly fighting for the Taliban?

    The legacy of Afghanistan goes on unreported in the Northern hemisphere. The fallout is read in the wonderful Australian newspaper.

    Howard and Cheney 'cut Hicks deal'

    THE US and Australia cut a deal to release David Hicks from Guantanamo Bay, according to a report published in the US today.

    The report, in Harper's magazine, quotes a US military officer as saying Hicks' freedom was negotiated directly by US Vice President Dick Cheney and Prime Minister John Howard.
    “One of our staffers was present when Vice-President Cheney interfered directly to get Hicks' plea bargain deal,” the unnamed officer told today's edition of Harper's magazine.
    “He did it, apparently, as part of a deal cut with Howard.
    Hicks, 32, is due to be released from Adelaide's Yatala Prison at the end of the year after agreeing to a deal in March.
    In return for a nine month prison sentence in Australia, the deal required Hicks to plead guilty to a charge of providing material support for terrorism.
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