Thursday, 3 November 2016

Why Louis Smith should never had apologised to this monstrous evil cult

I am copying this extract from a lovely Lady whose daughter and friend were gang raped in Brighton.  It is for ALL those who see no evil in this Mandelson led invasion of a once peaceful country.
Currently watching BBC's Daily Politics and the guest apologist who wants all criticism of Islam to be outlawed. I want criminals who do these abhorrent acts to be more severely dealt with.  My suggestion of building a gaol on Rockall is not as risible as Muslim Rape Gangs allowed free roam around this overcrowded country, where CHILDREN are not protected. If this is not a Hate Crime, that expression should be erased from the vocabulary.

Professor Alexei Jay was so correct when she identified the scourge of evil seeping through catholic Britain.

5 Pakistanis are currently on Police bail until September for the alleged rapes of my daughter and my daughter's teenage friend in Brighton on around 1st February this year.  Also, the Brighton Police, are separately seeking the credit card details of a rich 28 year old Asian boxer, who frequents the Kings Hotel on Brighton seafront and no doubt others, with children such as my daughter and her friend.  My daughter had to be rescued by her London old school friend, unconscious from the hotel bedroom on 31st January 2016 and put in a wheelchair, which happened to be in the room, with the 2 girls and the originally 2 adult Asians.  I had to turn up at the hotel, take a photo and Tweet it, for the Police to investigate it.  The detective man is an OIC by name and an OIC by nature.  

My daughter, 17 in less than two weeks, is very good at law and got 100% in a Chinese written GCSE paper, but has nothing lined up, in the way of education, for this September.  I have been trying to push for a secure residential children's home, with rehab, but they cost £4K to £6K per week and Islington Council does not want to pay this. Only Islington Council can refer a child to one of these 15 secure units across the country. The Executive Member on the Council for Children's Services, Cllr Joe Caluori, is Margaret Hodge Mp for Barking and Dagenham's son-in-law. After the blind eye that his mother turned to what happened across 12 children's homes in the 70's and 80's and her being made minister for children by Tony Blair; he, of course, is ignoring me. I believe that Margaret Hodge still lives in Richmond Crescent, where Jack Straw used to live, as well as Tony Blair and of course the current MP for Islington South, Emily Thornberry.  It really stinks.