Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Labour on Brexit

The rising star of Labour's Rebecca Long-Bailey showing the total disregard for the wishes of the people, especially the Northern Powerhouse. Rebecca who?

You see it, you must believe it.  Another Vote for Labour is but another nail in the coffin of everything Britain prizes! Our tradions and our customs, that which we once took for granted, will be as are being destroyed.

With a foreign entity governing through the London Mayor, how long before we have a minaret replacing Blackpool Tower?

We can't walk our dogs along the Promenade because Muslims object. 

Our children are introduced to anti-British vile Halal process because immigrants will not eat OUR products, bacon, pork or lovely Black Puddings.  So our schools and many Markets only use Halal products; that is the inhumane means of slaughtering the animal.

If Labour can't reinforce the wishes of the majority of Britons, what will they do?  They do not understand this simple premise and have to be exposed by Andrew Niel!

Under Labour, there is Nothing for Je Suis British...