Saturday, 5 November 2016

Jeremy Smith has Civil Action withdrawn by Karl Oyston

Karl Owen cancelled his Civil case against Blackpool business man, Jeremy Smith.  This is a satisfactory action for Mr Smith, one of the most decent people I have ever come across.  Jeremy's love for his Saturday afternoons at Bloomfield Road had been destroyed by what many in the Borough thought to be mismanagement, at least.

The diatribes that resonate in many Blackpool locals is not focused on Jeremy Smith.  Support from locals seems to be almost unanimous and Jeremy showed tremendous courage to take on the Titans of Gelt.  Numerous writs have been taken out against anyone who dared challenge the might of the Football Emperors.  Some took their anger onto the pitch at Bloomfield Road and the Courts supported civil actions against angry fans.

Blackpool will rejoice at this outcome.  Whether the Oyston Clan does, is up for speculation. 

Well done, Jeremy!  A hearty thanks from Blackpool Football supporters everywhere.