Monday, 26 January 2015

Fishers Field overflow site: continued

The new site is going on Fishers Field because the ground can be returned to  Foxhall Juniors Football Club and saved from future housing development. So sayeth the United Utilities team promoting the site.  That would be fine if the ground had not be left/acquired for the permanent use of regulated football by children.
This is hypothetical because the Council will not release how they came by the land and if any restrictions were made on usage.
Five years ago the Council removed all the notice boards from around the ground.  Without consultation they opened the gates to the dogs of the area. Really? We are all dog lovers but dogs run the risk of passing on Parvovirus to children.  Children have been heard complaining about the stench of dog poo behind the Club House, just near to where there is a Tots pitch.  Great Planning, Blackpool Council and stunning silence from local councillors.

Blackpool Council has recently wasted much tax payers money on planing trees at the back of Fishers Field knowning that there were plans in place to dig it all up and build a masssive reservoir.  Now those Councillors who are wasting tax payers money knew about this because they had spoken to Foxhall Juniors about the upheaval.  Why would they not tell the gardening department to hold off until after the build.  Both are GahGah?