Monday, 26 January 2015

Fishers Field new development

Fishers Field will now officially house a new storage facility for flood water on the Blackpool Coast.  The plans are ambitious and not unwarranted.  In fact, they should have been done 40 years ago when the Water Board first planned for a deep sea outlet off Fleetwood.  With insufficient facilities to clean the effluence, against scientific evidence, the authorities went ahead and pumped the human waste into the Irish Sea.
Now they are going to address the original problems, forced into action not by a concern for the future stability of the area, nor by common sense, but through financial threats from Brussels.  In their wake they are treating the residents of Lennox Court like Mushrooms. United Utilities have employed a publicity group to get the information out, and this group has failed abysmally.   It would not be beyond the wit of man, or woman, just to knock on the few doors of the residents most affected by this massive undertaking, to talk, to explain.  If anything it tells you exactly where Councillors Hunter and Henderson's priorities lie.  And that is sadly not with their electorate and the imminent upheavals to residents lives.
Compare that to the plight of Foxhall Juniors Football Club!  They are temporarily to lose the use of Fishers Field and have to move, again I iterate,temporarily, to Common Edge.  When they return they are promised a brand new changing room with all the facilities one expects of 2017. Toilets, showers and a moving of the building so that it no longer is an eyesore and menace to some flats owners on Lennox Court.  But Foxhall Juniors have been consulted where the residents of Lennox Court have not.