Monday, 14 April 2014

True Victim of poor immigration controls

As I browse throught the newspapers today, I cannot find a factual report on events as they stand!  So, this is a Somali free zone except to remind readers that Somali illegals murdered policewoman Sharon Beshenivsky.

Sharon Beshenivsky  Police Constable West Yorkshire Police Died 18 November 2005, aged 38.

 While responding with a colleague to a personal attack alarm at a travel agency in Bradford, the officers were confronted by three armed robbers leaving the premises, shots were fired and she was hit in the chest and killed and her colleague injured.

I will also not be responding to the immigrants in London who demanded, on the Panorama programme last Monday, that I as a genuine Briton and having paid taxes through my family and for hundreds of years, and my own contribution of fifty years of meaningful employment, should fork out more to educate, feed and house their impoverished position, NO, I don't think so! 

Enough is enough! 

Go back to your own country and try your bleeding heart blackmail there!

It is about time we started thinking and caring for the real victims in life, such as the motherless children of the brave lass Sharon Beshenivsky.