Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Reply to the Racist Lieber lies

There is only one racist being being put before the media and that was the fat Leiber female, and her target is the indigenous people of these islands.  For thousands of years each local tribe tried to usurp authority over the other until finally there was a coming together, under Arms, of the people of the United Kingdom - and that included all of Ireland.

Like it or lump it, at that time for some there was excessive affluence generated for these islands and some of its inhabitants, but for the majority there was still penury and servitude.  Many slaves were treat better than the British Workers and that is something everyone avoids saying.  Even in the last century, mine workers went below so that their children did not have to.  That too is not being taught as it effects the sensibilities of the New Arrivals and the Left wing idiots in the Class rooms.

Dickens has been removed from the libraries because they are dated readings.  Nonsense.  His books are removed because they reveal the horrendous plight of so many in a nation that was experiencing pockets of almost disgusting affluence. The beneficiaries are not the average worker, but the overpaid bureaucrats who are squandering the legacies of our Forefathers.

If Ukip are to make a difference they should stop being perceived as a One Man Band (see latest interview with Nigel Farage), and confront head-on the purveyors of all the lies that are destroying these once Great Islands.