Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Hypocrisy, the Common link with politicians across the World.

I am watching PMQ's live with my brother who is watching it via Skype through my internet connection.  What a wonderful aid to openness, this modern internet technology!
His comments, "they are a bunch of dipshits, up their own arses; politicians who have not the foggiest idea of anything except their own shit".

Now where have I come across those sentiments before?

We, as activists in Blackpool South, had a capacity to extend meetings into everyones realm whether they had smartphone or internet.  The dinosaurs of the Party were terrified that members would participate although not attending.  So terrified are they of democracy that they have gagged the membership to open debate.  Where is this heinous censorship?  In Kiev? In Moscow? .In Bangkok?

No!  In Cleveleys...

My brother is currently in Kiev, Ukraine.  There is no Social benefit. no Government handouts to the poor and deprived.  The grotesque opulence of the bandit President, I am informed, is but a drop in the Ocean of corruption endemic in the Ukraine.  As Russia flexes its still mighty muscles, the waffling indifference of European Politics is doing more harm than good.