Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Fleetwood rewarded for years of neglect

No more free tram travel
When we traders in Fleetwood had to put up with three years of total destruction of our town centre with some traders going out of business because of the tram track construction , we were fed none-stop promises of ‘it will be worth it when we are finished’.
Well it seems all the worry and heartache we all went through in Fleetwood now amounts to nothing as Blackpool Council wants to charge our pensioners to now ride the trams (Gazette February 17).
They also want to bring this charge on some of our pensioner customers from out of town .
We are confused how stopping the pensioner’s concession will save £700,000.
Surely the trams run to a timetable whether they are empty or full and, if pensioners can’t use the service, where is Blackpool Council going to get the full fare paying passengers from to replace the pensioners between 9am and 4pm ?
Can someone explain this logic to us all please.
Blackpool Council is reneging on the promises made to the traders of Fleetwood and the pensioners of our town , and this proposal is totally and morally unjustified .
We would ask for our MP Eric Ollerenshaw and MPs from Blackpool to look at this problem in depth please , as it affects a lot of people from all walks of life in different ways on the Fylde Coast.
Steve Lynton
Granada Fish Bar

Dear Steve,
 For many years as I have travelled to Fleetwood for a drink with old friends and sometimes to stand by my grandfathers grave and have a moment of reflection.  Is it so shameful that our parents’ sacrifices have been abandoned at the altar of Political Correctness and Political Cowardice?  The one benefit of my forbearers’ benevolence was to give me the ability to discern fact from fiction, wrong from right, truth from lies.  Too many of the ills of our society are perpetuated because our generation has not instilled on the next that education is the gateway to making sound decisions.  Not enough of us give our children the ability to tell us we are wrong!  But their argument has to be made on sound historical and rational thinking.  Relying on the mantra that "my father would turn in his grave if he thought that I voted for XXXXX" can be destroyed by calmly perusing the awful state that the Champagne Socialists and the Distant “Toffs” have created for the next generation.

There is no difference between anger at High Court Judges not prepared to commit heinous criminals to life behind bars as it to not sanctioning the flaccid and jellylike councillors whose only contribution to society is to hold their hand out for their expenses. Afterall, you in Fleetwood have seen the progression that can be made by local councillors when they take on higher office and almost instantaneously bring that Office into Disrepute.  Need I name names?

Well done for writing such an eloquent letter to the Gazette.  Now set about getting rid of the bureaucrats and their lackeys who are wasting the last remnants of that finite resource you give over to them each day, your taxes.  It is not their money they have thrown down the Wyre, it is all yours.

I wish you well,

Stephen Flanigan