Monday, 30 September 2013

Police go easy on sex offenders, report shows

More than 1,000 sex offenders have received police cautions in the east of England rather than face court proceedings, it has emerged.(
The figures, obtained by the BBC via a Freedom of Information request, reveal some of those cautioned admitted rape.
Police say cautions for serious offences are only issued under certain circumstances.
But abuse charities have said there should be a "zero tolerance" approach to crimes such as rape.
A caution is a formal warning issued by police to someone who has admitted a criminal offence. Intended for "low-level offending", cautions are issued at the discretion of police and enable a sanction to be given without going before the courts.

  • The Ministry of Justice defines a caution as "an out of court disposal given by the police to adult criminals when specified criteria are met. It is designed to be used for "low-level offending"
  • Some sex offences are considered to meet this criteria. For instance, Essex Police issued a caution following a report by a third party in which the victim was "uncooperative" despite the offender "admitting their part". The majority of such cases involve people in their early 20s or late teens
  • In the east of England during the past five years, 1,321 cautions have been issued for house burglaries
  • Cautions have also been issued for fraud, robbery, arson, endangering life, voyeurism, cruelty to children and incest

Police forces across the east of England have issued cautions for arson, house burglary, fraud and child abuse through prostitution or pornography.

Having just fought a local election, this story is offensive as Labour hoisted its petard on a promise that it will eventually protect children.  I will let their abysmal record stand for itself None of the other parties have much to brag about as they will not even mention those being tiptoed into the Courts.  So silent now, but they really shouted the virtues of their favourite "rogues".

I conclude with this from the letter from my friend in Kenya. I’d like to finish this letter with a completely irreverent thought, sent to me by a good friend in SA, “When you are dead you don’t know it. It is difficult only for the others. It is the same thing when you are stupid”. 

Stay safe, Dear Friend.