Saturday, 21 September 2013

Another Dodgy Dossier to make Labour proud. Highfield Ward

Labour can't lie straight, and I don't mean in bed.

Today, at 1430 hrs, someone purporting to be Peter Hunter, Lieber Party extraordinary, put the following LIE through letter boxes on Molyneux Drive.  Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately for Mr Hunter, not many residents appear to have been at home, although they were.

Mr Morrison, a resident of that address was so incensed that he went looking for the originator of Lieber fables to confront him with the truth.  Mr Hunter had apparently joined many of predecessors and done the disappearing act into the smokescreen of his own lies.

For the Labour Party and this individual to use propaganda so flippantly is to besmirch the truth and give a lie to history.  But there again, this modern Labour Party is very good at that.  Why tell the truth when a Lie will do?  Didn't they send us to War on a series of lies?  And didn't their sheep allow our young people to die for it?  And did the Labour party not make an enormous profit from the recent Light Switch - On Party?  Now that is local and Mr Hunter hasn't or dares not raise that with the tax payers of Highfield.  Yea!!!

Mr Hunter must have a really short memory span.  He has he forgotten that his rotten party has held office in the Highfield Ward for too long already.  Every promise he makes in the latest epistle to the perverted have already been reneged on by his Party.  If you are now going to do all these things, why didn't your Party do them while the WonderKind was in office? Too busy wasting money on ruining the promenade, maybe?  Or planning another costly Promenade debacle?  Mr Hunter, you are supposed to use judgment and prudence when handling other peoples money/taxes.  Neither attributes have your Party shown or do you by omission subscribe to.  What makes you think you can do what your Party has manifestly failed to do since it took over from the discredited Conservatives?  You are speeding down the road to ruin as all Labour Councillors have gleefully supported in Blackpool?

Mr Hunter has the nerve to says he is the only  mainstream candidate resident in the Ward.  25 years may be a long time in his mind but historically it is but a blip in the chronology of local history. We'll ignore the fact that Stephen's parents residence was Lostock Gardens at the time of his birth.

Only this morning, on Highfield Road, Stephen bumped into an old friend from his playing days with Blackpool Boys Club in the late 50's.  Stephen played for them because his older brother played with Foxhall Juniors - Fisher's Field - and he was always competitive enough to want to beat his older brother.  Older brother Peter was attending Highfield Secondary Modern and Stephen was at Tyldesley.  Tell us all, Mr Hunter, where were you in the 50's and 60's? Or even 70's and 80's?

If Mr Hunter is intimating that Ukip is not a major party perhaps he ought to look at the European Parliament and the recent results of local elections nationwide.

And since when has Lennox Court been removed from the Ward? One must suppose he doesn't want the one staunch Labour voter on the estate to vote for him?  Or is he afraid of the support being promised elsewhere?

Just as a matter of historical perspective.  Stephen Flanigan was born in his grandmother's home at No 4 Gavan Street, Layton, Blackpool even though his parents lived -at that time - in the prefabs on Lostock Gardens with his two older siblings.  Tell us again how long you've been associated with Highfield ward?

Another Dodgy Dossier to make Labour proud.

For Labour and their candidate.  New to the Ward and in need of guidance.  Both Lennox Court and Lostock Gardens ARE in the Ward.  Stephen Flanigan, whose family lived in Lostock Gardens at the time of his birth and resides in Lennox Court, is the Ukip candidate for the Ward.  Is that too difficult for Labour to understand?

This non-sequitur would make every child born in Victoria Hospital an alien to the ward where the parents reside.  It just goes to show how stupid and ignorant some would be politicians are.