Monday, 16 September 2013

Highfield Ward Blackpool- 10 days to the election

Both Labour and Conservatives are keeping a low profile in the Highfield Ward, Blackpool by-election.

The Conservatives are so desperate that they have commuted in a candidate - expelled by Layton ward  for causing chaos on the roads - on a promise of getting the streets rid of dog droppings.  Strange!  This has been the Conservative mantra for generations and the pavements are still only kept together by doggie poo – we’ll ignore the 10 year olds playing on Fisher’s Field who complain of the stench of dog sh*t near the changing rooms- their words not mine.

In a Ward that is historically 100% Conservative, the fact they cannot find a local candidate says volumes.

Labour has found a new cause.  Protecting children from exploitation whilst in care!  

Sounds a bit Sharon Shoesmithy to me!  

If they haven’t been able to spot the BMW’s pulling up outside the schools with adult men - men obviously not the children’s parents - aboard before, what makes them think they will spot them in the future?  They, the Socialist Politicians with their foresight of the madman, are and were major contributors of this appalling situation.  Removing parental responsibility and insisting that children have rights beyond their maturity was baying to reckless political posturing and ignoring decades of moral and legal evolution.  In fact, the abrogation of their responsibilities has almost made child exploitation not only legal but near compulsory.  Look back at the Posts on this blog and you can see that the authorities have been repeated warned and politicians, probably for PC reasons, has  habitually ignored the dire realities.  The failings are that of all three political parties and they should be banished for ever on this matter alone.

Now they are offering more of the same.  That is why they dare not debate.  It is their record, or lack of it.  That is appalling.  They have lost the trust of the majority of the electorate and they, the Lib/Lab/Con trick and no other section of society, are the reasons why so few turn out to vote.  

As a true Labour supporter, does not the fact - at National level with the Dodgy Dossier - so few dared voice dissent?   Only two Cabinet Members dared challenge the veracity of the information being offered that took the country to war and resulted in the inevitable death of many of our finest youth.  Does not disinformation going unchallenged not offend you?  It is happening again, in Blackpool with the Labour runner, issuing edicts allegedly from Town Hall on children's breakfasts that cannot possible be verified.  You've put your name to it Peter and it is manifestly incorrect.  Surely we know enough about Labour politics not just to ask from where the information came, but by which authority -which independent body - it can be tested? 

 In law there was the test of history, precedent.  According to the Labour people history is an irrelevance.  So why do you attend the service on the nearest Sunday to the 11th of November?


Ukip will break the mold and give everyone a real alternative.