Monday, 22 April 2013

Wisdom of our Politicians?

This reply to a question by a Councillor in the Eastern Cape, South Africa, which could be redirected at every politician in Britain.

As we are told to expect another 3 MILLION people in the next few years, not a single British politician has had the courage to say, "Stop!  We are a tiny Island with limited resources and less space.  We have no surplus of water, as we suffer annually from localised droughts which therefore means we cannot manage the human effluence with all the ensuing health implications."  

"There is no space to build the estimated 3 million houses to accommodate the influx and we shall soon be importing all our fuel needs as the electricity generators are demolished through 'Old Age'."  

"We cannot extract gas because of the NIMBYs!  We cannot store gas for the same reason."

We are rushing head first into disaster and our politicians behave and talk like Bantu story-tellers.

In these tiny islands we have an estimated 400 years of coal beneath our feet, yet Labour instigated contracts to purchase coal from countries like Poland and spent not a penny on research to convert local fuel into low carbon burning liquid, as Germany did during the War and as South Africa does to provide a small percentage of its needs.  Research and development has no place in Labour's vocabulary or future intentions.