Friday, 26 April 2013

Join the Navy, 2020 style

The New HOt AIr cannon to be fitted to Thames Barges will be manned by Lady Marine Cadets or that oxymoron of the Ministry of Defense, the Green Beret wearing Army Intelligence Crop.
Orders have been placed by Forces Procurement Officers in THE  strip club(sshhh) in Soho for oars(?), pullers and bits of string to stop the tide washing the Fleet out to the dumping grounds in Bodensee.

Military Educationalists are busy implementing orders that all RM veterans who use English to describe non-indigenous gangsters other than Wonderful Ethnic Tanned Savants should be beaten up (or at least attempted to be beaten up) for sticking up for historical truths.

In that line of historical correctness, please note that the Gun is being used against the Zulus and the propellant is still in storage in Greenwich.  No animals were hurt during the commissioning of this drawing.  The Fleet painter is currently taking a former Lieber Minister out to a Russian Oligarchs yacht (HMS QE) at anchor in the Clyde, Mersey, Tamar and Tyne.  Now that will confuse everyone except Trained Soldiers . Splice the Main Brace... Does anyone know someone who builds ships- that float- and aircraft -that can fly...